This Little Light of Mine...

I have been told, that in many ways our #4 of 5 (8 year old daughter) is a lot like her Aunt Mary (my wife's sister). This is a good thing, as Aunt Mary is a wonderful, caring, and intelligent person.

One thing to know about Aunt Mary is that she is a vivacious reader. She has (full) bookcases in her home, and has always been encouraging when it comes to our kid's reading...
Hey Mary, we still owe you that copy of Harry Potter... I have not forgotten!

My wife has told me about how as a girl growing up, Aunt Mary would get a book as a birthday, or Christmas gift, and (with a flashlight) read through the wee hours of the night under the covers of her bed. She would often finish a book the day she received it.

#4 of 5 has also been a pretty strong reader. She LOVES reading, and is often reading above her "grade level" (as opposed to our boys - who for the most part, struggle with reading). This is one of #4 of 5's strong similarities to her Aunt Mary. She has asked (and we have allowed her) to read in bed after "lights out" with a flashlight. So far, so good. She turns the flashlight off before she falls asleep.

Recently, #4 of 5 has finished reading several of the Junie B Jones.. First Grader series of books, and has been looking at finding "the next thing" to read.

Growing up, my wife was a big fan of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and "Little House on the Prarie" television show (Let's be honest here... I think she STILL IS a fan of the books and the show.) When it's on, and #4 of 5 is home, they will sit down together and watch "Little House". My wife still has her original set of Laura Ingalls books that she received when she was a young girl, but they are in such a fragile state - that if #4 of 5 were to try and read them, but they would fall apart.

Sometime in the past couple of days, #4 of 5 came home from school with a library copy of the first book. She started reading it last night before bed, and was proudly announcing which page she was on each time she moved on to the next page.

When it came time for bed, (as I expected) she asked to read in bed - to which I agreed.

IMGA0136When I woke this morning, and was getting ready for work (5:30 am), I noticed a small little light coming from under #4 of 5's bed covers.

Dang nabbit, she left the flashlight on (and I did not catch that before I went to bed).

Reminder to self... Buy more batteries.

I was sure that she had left the light on all night, and so when I went in to her room to turn the light off and save what was left of the batteries - I discovered one little eight year old girl - Just like her Aunt Mary - under the covers, with the flashlight, reading her book.

"Just could not put the book down, eh?" I asked.

She looked up at me in silence (and with a big ol' "got her daddy wrapped around her finger" grin on her face, and raising her eyebrows just a bit) she shook her head "no".

This little light of mine,
I'm going to let it shine.
Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine!
P.S. She was not up all night reading... I think I may have woke her while getting ready for work, and she was so into her book that, instead of going back to sleep, she resumed her reading...


  1. I love your daughter and I've never met her. Hello, kindred spirit.

  2. I like to read.. No... Love to read as well.. but I am so darn fatigued all the time, that within minutes of starting to read, I start to nod off...

    (future post pending....)

    The classic Dracula, and Frankenstein, almost anything Steven King (I got yelled at by a college professor because I had Steven King's "IT" hidden behind my classroom text. When she noticed it, she announced to whole class... "Mr. M____, I know I cannot compete with the likes of Mr. King, but if you would not mind putting it away until AFTER class, I would appreciate it..." Terribly embarrassing, but I could not put the book down...

    Horror, or humor... That will get me every time... I LOVE vampire legend and lore.... Not the new stuff, but stories that hold true to the original gotic legend and lore... (The Historian)..

    I hope someday I will have caught up enough sleep to be able to enjoy reading again...

  3. #4 of 5 is sure on the right track. Our oldest was a strong reader early too, but his recreational reading has slowed a bit.(Too much Lego competition) Our youngest started slow but really took off this year. She also loves Junie B. She is working on Henry and Mudge at the moment, but as soon as she is a bit older, we will try the Little House books.
    I think when parents read for pleasure, the kids will be more likely to be readers.

  4. she sounds like a total sweetie and probably pretty smart too.

  5. And what parent could ever really get mad at their kid for reading? Not me!
    Man, I love to read too. Wish I'd started sooner than I did. I actually was put in a "slow reader" class at first (read: the slow kids), but then once I actually got interested in it, I beat the crap outta the rest of the kids. HA!
    God bless her. That's a great picture.


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