Guess Who's Back!

One week later, and I'm FINALLY posting from my own home computer again, and this time from my own high - speed internet connection!

WOW! YouTube, and Internet Radio, and downloads, and..... arrrr... My head is spinning in circles! What do I check out next?? Yikes... If I was not A.D.D. before, I'm sure going to be now...

How do you all do it?

Perhaps the initial shock value will wear off, and I'll grow accustomed to this as I did my dial up!

So, first off... Sorry folks.. Many of you had some good posts - that I wanted to comment on, but due to limitations - I did not.

As of now, my Google Reader is PACKED full of goodies! I cant wait to dig in and check out all that I missed over the past week...

Secondly, I'd like to thank those that stuck with me during this ordeal... It's still not TOTALLY resolved, but the 'net surfin' is good to go....

I see that Motherof8 tagged me with a meme... This one does fall into my "meme guidelines", so give me a couple of days - and I'll get that up here.

But now I do have to get to some WAY OVERDUE online bill paying...

Wish me luck.


  1. New reader to your blog and I'm glad to see your on high speed now. Ain't life grand?

  2. Sherri - Use the link on the front of my page to leave me an email... I have a question for you...


  3. Not to add to your high-speed sensory overload, but go to YouTube and type in "Brian Regan."


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