A "Mini-Contest"

Ok... No prizes or anything (other than bragging rights), but who can most accurately describe what I did today?



  1. Well, it's pretty obvious I think:

    You went to the store and bought some stain, along with some mineral spirits to clean your brush with cuz that's the only thing that will cut it.

    Looks like you stained something small since I only see a few rags and a brush, so probably NOT a deck or anything. Maybe a door?

    Also, looks like you had a couple of frosty beverages along the way, which might explain the need for the battery charger, because I'm not sure I can reason why else you'd need it unless maybe you'd had a bit too much to drink and you just grabbed it because it looks like a lunch box!


  2. Those Hard Lemonade, Pepsi, paint thinner high balls are rough stuff.

    So whatever it was you did, I hope you remembered it later (if you wanted too...)

  3. You huffed paint and smoked cigars while your wife drank gender-appropriate beverages??


  4. I'd guess something tricky and time consuming. That explains the relaxing beverages and smokes. Refinishing cupboard doors? A chair? Paper-mache?


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