Fourth Day

This one will be short and sweet - as I am not even on my own computer...

I'm still waiting to meet all of you on the "Comcast High-Speed" side of the internet - but we will have see just how long that wait will be.

The installer came out on Thursday. By Thursday evening there was still no connection. I called Comcast that evening and was told that my cable connection appeared to be too "noisy" - and they would be sending a technician out the next day to check the line. Since I had to be at work - Mother of Five would be there to let them in.

After the technician left, I got a call from the Mother of Five that he had arrived at our house, and that he had taken one look at the Scientific Atlanta 2100 cable router that the installer provided us. The service tech then told her that they had a bad batch of these modems that needed to have some sort of re-boot done to them, and it could ONLY be done over the cable line from "Denver". He had not even checked the line for noise - so I was hopeful. He told my wife that he would call Denver to have the reset done and then call us back to let us know when it was ready. I was hopeful it would be working when I came home from work. That was Friday morning.

Since then, I have made two separate phone calls to Comcast. One on Friday, the other on Saturday.

When I made the first call to Comcast, I provided all the info I knew about the problem. When I made the second call, I played "dumb" - claiming to not know anything about why my new fancy-dancy high-speed internet is not so high-speed at all.

In both instances I was given the same story that the technician had provided, and was told that although unlikely (because they had staff working over the weekend to do what I needed to have done) it could take up to 48 hours. (Which would be great - but the fact is that we are now quickly approaching the 72nd hour - and I HIGHLY doubt I'll see or hear anything until well past the 96th or 120th hour mark (4th or 5th day)).

At this point, my "dial up" service was much faster and more reliable than my (yet to be seen) "always on" (yeah right...) Comcast high-speed internet connection.

- - - - - -

I'll say this much about Comcast. If you do a Google search for Comcast - you'll read all kinds of horror stories about dealing with them...

I have had Comcast Cable - and recently upgraded to their "Starter level" digital cable package. Overall, I have been pleased in my dealings with them. The staff has been happy, friendly, and knowledgeable - and this is really the first and only problem I have encountered so far. So I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt... for now.

- - - - - -

I do not think that it is an unrealistic expectation to have this resolved by the end of the business day on Monday. That would be five days from the time the internet was first installed. At this point I'll patiently wait to see what happens.

Stay tuned folks....


  1. Those, "Cancel your home phone service and high-speed internet access from Comcast" commercials are my-T tempting.

    I mean, after paying for cell phones, local service just so I can get DSL, AND high speed DSL, I'm paying more than $100 a month for my communication needs.

    And then I read something like this about Comcast and I remember why I haven't made the switch.

  2. Sorry FoF, You offline nowA

  3. Good luck on getting your high speed up.

  4. I recently switched over to Comcast from AT&T and I've had no problems at all to speak of. The one problem I did have was handled quickly and efficiently and the person I spoke to on the phone was great. Maybe it all depends on what part of the country you're in?

    Good luck - hope you're up and running quickly soon!

  5. Well, at least they're better than some companies I've dealt with. And if you call up and complain that your monthly service cost just went up and threaten to switch, they will usually give you a better price, provided they are offering one to first-time customers. They won't call you about it first, though.

  6. Maybe I should have caught up on my reading before tagging you for meme! oops.

    See my Maybe Worth Sharing blog for the Finish These Five meme -when you get some good computer time.


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