Being "Bean Boozled"

*** Caution - This post is not for the faint of stomach - Read at your own risk ***

We got a nice little gift today, when my sister (the mother of Two Texas Twins) was in town for a three hour lay-over. She and her husband are relocating from Texas to New York, and this weekend is the first of three trips that his business has allotted them to fly to New York to look for a new home. My sister's husband intentionally booked a flight that required a plane transfer here in Minneapolis / St. Paul - and they had a three and a half hour layover!

IMG_0001The Mother of Five had to work (which we were all pretty disappointed about) so, in between my errands, working on my Father-in-Law's basement, and MOF's work - she dropped the kids off with me, and I took them to my parents house where my Dad was bringing my sister and her husband. (The twins were left with their grandparents back in Texas).

My sister brought her nieces and nephews a little "cache" of treats, trinkets, and gifts.

Inside the "cache" (in what can only be described as some sort of payback for something I did wrong many-many long forgotten years ago) , was some candy called "Bean Boozled" by Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.

"Bean Boozled: Dare to Compare" says the package.
It also adds "CAUTION: Contains weird and wild flavors".

Well, in a most devious sort of way, Jelly Belly (catering to the 13 and under crowd who thinks this sort of thing as a "challenge") packaged some wonderful flavored jelly beans along with some outrageously nasty flavored jelly beans - IN THE SAME COLOR. The thought behind this sick and twisted idea is that you'll never know exactly which flavor you are getting - the weird or the wild.

For you doubting Thomas' out there, I left the image large enough to read (you may need to click it open to see the full sized image) but just in case, I'll list the flavors of the duplicate jelly beans. This is a scan of the acutal box of "candy" my sister gave her nieces and nephews.


Licorice - Skunk Spray
Buttered Popcorn - Rotten Egg
Cafe Latte - Ear Wax
Juicy Pear - Booger
Coconut - Baby Wipes
Top Banana - Pencil Shavings
Berry Blue - Toothpaste
Peach - Vomit
Carmel Corn - Moldy Cheese
Plum - Black Pepper


After a wonderful dinner my Mom prepared for all of us, the kids were anxious to rip into these "ripe" flavors - so we all agreed, sitting back and watching in our own form of great anticipation as they began the candy adventure.

#2 of 5 was the first to pop one in his mouth, and just before he took the plunge, he proudly announced that he was either going to be tasting Booger or Juicy Pear.

As he started chewing, we were all on the edge of our seats... We asked... "Well....?"

#2 of 5 said (and I quote) "Well, it 'aint Juicy Pear" as he began to grimace...

The rest of the evening was full of "Ewww's" and "Blech's", and "Disgusting's"...

Thanks Sister-o-mine...


  1. I love it! Priceless... I don;t know if I would be brave enough to take the chance on a few of those flavors. This reminds me of the whole Jelly bean flavors in the Harry Potter about ones you wouldn't want to eat!

  2. Aw, you know you tried 'em all!

    How could you not?

  3. I wanna know who ate the boogers and ear wax down at the Jelly Belly kitchens to verify the accuracy of the flavors.

    Because you know that kids of all people could tell if the flavor wasn't right.


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