An American Image

This post started off as a comment left for AtHomeDaddy, and his Lawnmower Not Included post. As I wrote, and the comment grew - I decided to morph it just a wee bit into a post of it's own - dedicated to AtHomeDaddy, Marge, and CoffeeShopPop's comment.

I'm adding CoffeeShopPop to the Blogroll, and my reader - Funny guy... Although, I TOTALLY disagree with him on the whole Chuck E. Cheeses issue... For THIS father (and his social anxiety issues), an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese may as well be an eternity in Gehenna...


An American Image

I can almost see the group of 11 year old little-leagues in the back of Marge (yeah, I know.. it's "unsafe", probably "illegal", and politically "incorrect"), but I can still see 'em back there, on their way home from a 1970's era little-league game, all eatin' 25 cent hot dogs from the concession stand (that normally would taste like cardboard, but because they came from the ballpark, they have that little extra magic somethin'-somethin'), exaggerating the exploits (still fresh in their imagination) from the game that just finished a few minutes ago

A Proud Dad in the front with his 11 year old son, and six of his friends in the back.

The truck full of kids and one dad bounce up the long gravel driveway to "the farm". The kids all hop out and are greeted by "mom" (and they all call her "mom") who is holding a fresh baked apple pie (and some ice cream) for "her guys"...

The boys (hot, sweaty, and dirty - covered with catchup and mustard from the dogs) all high five each other, and they all turn to one kid and say "your parents are SO cool".... That kid (blushing slightly, but with a smile brimming from ear to ear) turns to his parents and tells them "Thank you".

An hour later, with bellies full of hot dogs, apple pie, and ice cream - Dad tells all the boys to hop back in the bed of the Chevy, and drive them home... Visiting for a few minutes with each of their parents as he makes his rounds.

Marge is seen driving down a dusty dirt road into the sunset. The dad (with one hand on the wheel and the other arm (proudly) around his son's shoulders) sit in the car in silence, just enjoying each other's company.

That is what I see when I look at Marge... I see an American image!

An American Image...

Brought to you by the mind of "Father of Five" - Inspired by "Marge", AtHomeDaddy, and CoffeeShopPop.


  1. Dude, you gotta know, this is basically the type of image that pops into my head every time The kids and I cruise Marge through the neighborhood.

    My grandpa wasn't a very nice guy. He was pretty much a butt head, but for some reason he liked me. So we would ride through the farm in that rusty old truck that would become Marge in another life.

    Thanks for the smiles. And a couple of tears.

    But 1 of 5 still can't drive 'er.

  2. Oh, no worry there Mike...

    I wont let #1 of 5 in the SAME COUNTY as Marge... She's safe from him!!!

  3. Great post FOF! It makes me think of days on the farm. We didn't have a "Marge", but sitting in the bed of the pickup was the BEST! Sometimes we would sit on the edge of the open tailgate and let our legs dangle. Hard to believe we survived huh?

  4. My experience was with a motorcycle. I would sit on the back behind my dad and my little brother sat on the front and we'd roar over the trails in the foothills of Idaho. I survived a tip-over and nearly getting gored by an angry steer. Then, one day, a policeman pulled us over and told Dad we all had to wear helmets. End of motorcycling. I guess he didn't want to spring for helmets, or else he realized how much danger we had been in. Still, good memories. Dad picked me up from ballet and one time we pulled over and watched a twister swirl around and around and touch down on a hill right in front of us. (It went back up, thank goodness) But that motorcycle was really bad for pink ballet tights...


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