FOF Observation #7

When you run out of "adult" toothpaste, think twice before smearing some Aquafresh "Bubblemint" on the ol' toothbrush...

As much as it looks like real "toothpaste", and the kids love it (which is the purpose it serves) - You will go to work debating which would be worse..

To brush, or not to brush - That is the question..


  1. Been there - done that - couldn't get the taste out of my mouth! Ew!!

  2. Yucky! I agree... the flavors they make in kid's toothpaste is terrible. I can't figure out why the kids love those horrible flavors. Bubble gum, watermelon, orange - ??
    Give me my plain ol' Crest!

  3. I wondered who was trying all of the kids' toothpaste.


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