Shameless Self Promotion

I recently stumbled across a "best of" site for bloggers - aptly named "The Best of Blogs" or BoB's for short. While surfing the site, and checking out last years contest / results, I noticed that this year the BoB's underwent some changes. A new category, and a new rule were added.

#1 - New category - Best Daddy Blog
#2 - New rule - Ability to self nominate.

As I checked out the (new) category of Best Daddy Blog there were only FOUR nominations.... Yup... Only four.

Well, since I maintain a regular diet (or perhaps a diet that keeps me regular) of father bloggers - (of whom you can find in my sidebar!) I was feeling a bit embarrassed (as a father) for the measly turn out for nominations of us father bloggers. I went ahead and committed an act of shameless self promotion, nominating The Life of a Father of Five as a candidate. BUT... I took my nomination(s) a step further.

I also nominated several of the fathers of my "regular haunts". I felt compelled to add these nominations, because... well frankly... because I have established a "blogging" friendship through comments and emails with these fellas. There are some really great guys and great fathers out there - many (if not all of them) who do not get the recognition that they deserve. Fathers and Fatherhood is taken for granted all too much in our society.

So, please do me a favor - check out the BoB's, check out the Father/Daddy Blogs out there too. They all have some interesting things to offer the world (and most of them are much more interesting than FOF too!)


  1. CONGRATS! This is great news, I have been promoting your blog to us first floor dwellers, you should see an increase in your sitemeter soon! Hooray for you!

  2. Thanks bud...I appreciate the shout out on the blog awards. I'm humbled.
    Hey...I was thinking you might want to grab a cup of coffee one of these days...I'm just down the road from you and all...Let me know if you want to grab a cuppa joe.

  3. I have to say, I'm humbled too! Thanks for the nod!

  4. Is this a legit deal? I went to the link (thank for the nomination also!) and it looked kinda pornographic?

  5. It's not shameless! It's good to continue getting the word out about dads and involved fatherhood. Doesn't the BoB's have a traffic limit on submissions? Good luck, and I'm glad I found your blog today!

  6. Krystal - Thanks! It's always odd when someone from the PD asks me about the blog... Flattering, and odd!

    Samok - That sounds like a really good idea! We'll have to try and work something out some afternoon / evening!

    OhCaptain - Taking the big plunge into the job switch like you have - I really got to give you credit! I really have enjoyed keeping up with another "Midwest Geek"!

    Bill - Well, yes they (BoB's) just posted an article about their "Best Sex Blog" category.. Fortunately I made sure my nomination (along with the others I made) all fell into the "Best Daddy Category".

    Jeremy Neal - I sort of made it "less shameless" by submitting many other dad blogs along with mine! But it has been great connecting with other dads out there!!

    Yes, there is a traffic limit.. I think they said 250 hits per week.

    It's not about the winning for me... It's about letting some of the other Dads out there in Blogland know that the work they put into their posts ARE appreciated!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  7. Thanks for the nomination. It's an honor just to be mentioned in the same sentence at FOF.
    Good luck.

  8. DadStuff....

    That's funny, because I say the same thing.. Only about "Stuff in my Brain"!

  9. FOF!!! Thanks for the nod on BoB's! You have such great things to say about everyone, but the words truly do mean a lot.

    You are a class act, and I couldn't be more honored to be part of the BoB's with you.

    Thanks again!

  10. Yes one of our recent posts was towards the Best Sex category, but that doesn't mean we are pornographic. There are 23 categories to choose from and over the next few weeks I hope to have something posted about all of them. I started there just to get it over with. Yesterday I posted about Fertility and I'm working on something else for Friday. Regardless of what your blog is about we have a category for it.
    Bill Beck
    Project Mgr.


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