It only took me five months!

Well, this is less of a post, and more of an "Advertisement" for one of my other blogs.

After much prodding by my friend, co-worker, and fellow Blogger Bill, and a recent "fire under my butt" comment by VancKirby I made a promise to myself to have my Duck Hunting - 2007 post finished by April 1st.

Well, I have finally finished it, only five months after the fact - which is six months better than Duck Hunting - 2006 which took me eleven months to write (check the "Quick Comments" when you get over to Dad's Outdoor Journal to see for yourself!).

Be warned. It was just a few lines shy of five pages in Microsoft Word.

So, ladies and gentleman, please help yourself to a heapin' helpin' of Duck Hunting - 2007!


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  2. Great post on ducks 07!!!

    I did not even get out 1 dang time last year.

    Hopefully this year.


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