It's going to be another one of those summers...

It's only March, and I have had one of those epiphany moments regarding this summer.

I have finalized my "shift pick" for next trimester. (We rotate shifts, and days on / days off - three times a year) and my vacation request has been submitted. I will be guaranteed 3 of the 7 days I have requested. The remaining four days hang in limbo for the time being. I hope to have word by June as to wether I will have the other (or which of the other four) I have off. I may end up having to work one day, half of a shift, or any combination of the four days that are "in limbo" in the middle of my vacation.

That, my friends, is one of the downside of working a job that is considered "essential".

So, now that I have my schedule finalized, and having penciled in this summers"obligations" (one short getaway with my in-laws, one short fishing trip with my cousins, a visit from my sister and her family (from Texas) and #2 and #3 of 5's Scout Camp (Since this will be #3 of 5's first year in attendance, a parent is "strongly encouraged" to attend)) I have discovered that of the five weekends that I have off this summer, I am left with one whole weekend that is not spoken for. Yup folks, you have that right... As sad as it is... I have ONE WEEKEND OFF (that is not already preplanned with work or other obligations) BETWEEN MAY AND SEPTEMBER. Now, keep in mind that my days off are not limited to weekends. I do have other weekday "weekends".

Worry not regular readers... I am not too concerned about this situation, as I am confident that between now and May (when the new trimester starts) that SOMETHING will certainly take up that one and only available weekend - leaving me with a grand total of zero weekends off this summer.


  1. Oh geez, should I tell you that if I want tomorrow off, all I have to do it call and say, I am taking the day off? Keeping my fingers crossed you get your time....

  2. Weekends? What are these "weekends" of which you speak? I haven't had one of those in so long, I can't remember! Ah, the joys of working a 24/7/365 job! Especially when you throw in short-staffing, which seems to be the norm in our line of work.

    Good luck with that one lone weekend, maybe you'll be surprised and it will remain open for you and you can do something spontaneous (other than combust, that is!).

  3. So what shift did you end up picking? It looks like I will eb on 12 hour dogs working the 4 car when I am off FTO! Will I be talking to you for a few hours every night or are you staying on the "DARK SIDE?"

  4. Weekends are for sissys. OK...that's not really true.

    My wife works every other weekend, all year. We are guranteed to have 50% of our weekends Mom-free. Kinda sucks, but we've gotten used to it.

    In the summer, I've taken a lot of my vacations in the weekday pockets my wife is off and we've made a 'weekend' of it. Heck, the lines are a lot shorter at your family destinations that way!


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