Every tree starts as a sprout!

Yup folks, after a mere 350 Days, my sister (Two Texas Twins) finally got bit by the blog bug.

She has so many amazingly funny stories about raising a couple of little "Tasmanian Devils" my loveable nephews. I wanted to establish a way that she can share the stories with her family and friends from far away. So, on April 12th, 2007 - I gave her the "gift" of a blog. I built a rudimentary / basic blog for her. Then, on the same day, I handed the "Blog Baton" over to her by sending her an email with instructions, logins, passwords, tips, tricks, etc...

There have been several instances where I thought she was going to start blogging. She would ask me to resend her the instruction email, call up with some questions, etc.. Then, recently one of her closest friends also started up a blog. I was certain that my sister would then succumb to HER blog... But alas, nothing ever came of it.

But, today (out of the blue) she sent me an email, letting me know that she submitted her first post! (Heck, it even mentions me! - Blushing...)

So, please do me a favor.... Drop on by there, and send her some FOF luv! She'd love to hear from you! Let's drop some "fertilizer" on that tiny seed (that is her blog) and let's see if we can grow a great big giant redwood!

Be sure to tell her who sent you!! (That way I can hold it over her head too!)

Oh, and by the way... Normally when I say "drop some fertilizer", you'd hear me snickering in the background because I'd be referring to something more akin to "manure". (My sister will attest to my sophomoric sense of humor!)

Oh, sister of mine, fear not the day my nephews can truly appreciate their uncle's sense of humor!
From what I have seen and heard, I think your boys and I - we'll get along juusst fiinnee!
(Who do you think is going to get them their first
remote controled, battery operated fart machines???)

But in THIS instance, I'm asking for more of an "encouraging", and much less of a "poopy" sort of "fertilizer" be spread upon her blog - Two Texas Twins.

Thanks in advance folks!

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