Some Ron & Fez talk.

I am listening to my recording of Tuesday's Ron & Fez show, when East Side Dave made an announcement!

Although I don't know them personally, I'd like to congratulate East Side Dave and his wife Casey Elan for their expected new baby!

It's hard to not feel personally involved with your favorite radio personalities - especially Ron & Fez, and even more so with East Side Dave. He openly talks about his crazy life, and even got married live on the show! I think that is what makes me love them so much! You get to feel like you know them - personally.

Well, this will certainly result in some really good radio!

I dont know if you will ever see this post, but if you are reading this Dave or Casey, congratulations, and good luck from one of your Minnesota radio buddays and fellow parent!

(Now, you only four more left to go!)

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