A Major Award!

Today I received word that I was the recipient of a "Major Award". No, I do not believe it will it be delivered in a large wooden crate nor was it made in Fragile, Italy - but it is exciting just the same!

Last week, fellow Dad Blogger Phil over at "A Family Runs Through It" talked about "Bad Guy Bob", and Bob's "influence" on the TV and computer time at his home. He also announced a contest enabling a "Bad Guy Bob" to help another family needing his assistance.

I submitted an entry (which you can see about half way down in the comments on the Bad Guy Bob post).

I was informed that Bob will be coming to our house!

Boy oh, boy... Wont my kids be excited!

On behalf of my whole family (since I do not think my kids will be very "thankful" for Bob to arrive) I'd like to thank Phil, and "A Family Runs Through It". If you get a chance, be sure to swing by there. "A Family Runs Through it" was one of the first "Dad Blogs" I started reading on a regular basis (and because of it's "alphabetic-power" starting with the letter "A") his blog is on the top of the list in my feed-reader, and therefore is the first Dad-Blog I visit each day! A Family Runs Through It" is a great example of what Dad-Blogs are all about!

If you want to find out more about Bob, visit his website, stop by Amazon (the reviews have been great so far!) and be sure to check back here! I'll give our family a month to get used to Bob - then I'll let you all know how it has been going!

Stay tuned for more info on BOB!


  1. Congrats - just don't poke your eye out with your new award!

    I believe I was given this award by someone but I can't for the life of me remember who (what horrible blogging etiquette, eh?).

  2. Yep, Phil's blog is good.
    I was reading his long before I started mine. His blog is how I found yours, look forward to taking a look around here.


  3. Thanks Linda and Krystal!

    Kevin - GREAT BLOG MAN!! I am only two or three posts in, and you had me in stiches! I've got you on the Father Bloggers Sidebar! Hope you dont mind!

    Feel free to drop by and dont be a stranger - Say Hello!


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