Busy Schedules

Due to some slots that are empty, and several illnesses that have gone through a few of my co-workers, my work schedule has been... well lets just say it has been a little hectic (to say the least). One of my newer readers - Linda, along with several of my co-workers will understand this schedule, but the rest of you can expect to see little swirlys in your eyes while you try and figure this out.

You first need to know that I work rotating shifts. 7 days on, 3 days off, 7 days on, 4 days off - then start the rotation all over again.

Due to some shortages, many of us have had to work a little extra on our days off. (Thanks to Bill!). Because of this, I am on day five of a nine day workweek. Of the nine days, five of them (so far) have been 12 hour shifts, with a total 28 hours beyond the normal 56 I work in a (normal) seven day workweek. Of the five 12 hour shifts, four of them were planned, and one was a "forced early in".

(A phone call at 6:30 pm that says you have to be back in at 3am instead of the normal 7am.)
(A 3am start means a 1am alarm clock for me.)

Needless to say - I have had very little time for posting. This morning though (because of a 3 hour nap, and an 8pm bed time) - I am wide awake at 4am. (This is going to hurt later I am sure...)

I got caught up on reading some of my comments, and leaving one (longer one) on Dad Stuff. (Man, do those hyperlinks take extra time or what???)

Tonight is our kids school Christmas Concert. Since #2 is in sixth grade (the highest grade at St. John's) - this will be his final year. St. John's puts on a musical play each year that involves ALL the students (Two levels of preschool (The "Littlest Angels" and the "Wee Angels" up to 6th grade). The 6th grade class is the one that gets to preform the acting portion of concert, and the other grade levels fill in with the musical numbers.

This will be very odd for me - #2 will be the first of my five (#1 was half way done with 6th grade when we moved here) to actually perform in the acting portion. It will feel very odd - but I am looking forward to this!

(I just pray to God that there is not another Scheduling conflict at work - otherwise I miss it.. Maybe as you read this you can say a quick prayer, or mediate, light an incense stick, or whatever your belief has you do to help make sure I can attend. Just no "sacrifices" that include killing anything please... That is bad karma in my book!)

If any of you think it would be a good idea to become a police dispatcher, or have children who think it would be a good idea to become a police dispatcher - please, get in touch with me. Although it is very rewarding, and very interesting, the "costs" that are associated with this job sometimes make me wonder.... Don't get me wrong.. I love my job - If I did not - I would have been gone a long time ago - it's just from time to time, the job keeps me from "life".

It has it's costs and sometimes they are quite high.

So, other then trying to keep my head above water, work, and getting ready for Christmas, I am getting a little burned out. I will be missing another "lunch" with fellow blogger Lisa from "Many Things Do Not Fly, Don the always witty former webmaster of the now defunct http://www.offthedeepend.org/ (and soon-to-be published author), and our mutual friend Jenny. (Come on Jenny - give me something to link for you!). But after reading Lisa's most recent post, I am wondering if that may not be such a bad thing!?!?! (Grin).

I do have something planned that will undoubtedly result in a good (and lengthy) post - something that I am looking forward to. But I have to keep it a surprise for now.

Until then - thanks for checking back in.

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  1. You have my not only complete and total understanding but copious amounts of sympathy also for that lousy schedule you're currently working. I guess one of the, er, 'perks' of being a dispatcher is that if you want overtime you've got overtime - more than you probably know what to do with or want!

    Due to another staffing change (i.e, the grass is greener elsewhere for someone) we are going to be down yet another dispatcher after this weekend so it's back to regular overtime for me, too. Granted, I'm only doing 48 hours a week but still, I have totally forgotten what a 40-hour work week is.

    I have my fingers crossed and said a little prayer that you'll be able to get to the Christmas Concert!


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