Merry Christmas?

Not quite what I had in mind for our Christmas, but...

..Washer (The photo of the washer is not on the pedestal.)

..Dryer (Both the washer and the dryer on pedestal like this one)

Merry Christmas Mother of Five!


  1. Want it! Want it! Want it! Even though I am not the mother of five!

  2. I thought you fixed your washer?

  3. Wow! I was just going to go with slippers this year. Thanks for raising the bar. (sigh)

  4. Linda... Unfortunatly I "Didnt want it, didnt want it, didnt want it" (Grin).

    Bill - I did, but the repair was not what the problem was. My repair only intensified the real problem, and that was the ruined transmission. It would have cost as much to repair it as replacing it did.

    Dad Stuff. Sorry. But I had to factor in how long I could go without washing my clothes - and since I had to replace the washer anyway - I thought I could kill two birds with one stone! Now, jokingly she has been told that is her Christmas gift. Realistically though... that is a different story.

    I'll describe it later - I ran out of time because I had to clean out the laundry room for the delivery on Thursday Morning.

  5. Are you going to get the pedestal, too? When we got our front-loading washer a couple years ago, we opted against it and we've never missed it.

    BTW, Bill's comment made me laugh aloud - keeps a guy honest, eh?

  6. Ha! If I could, I'd post the picture of the dishwasher we "received" for Christmas! It apparently uses less water than I do hand-washing everything.

  7. Just happened upon your site. My wife is also getting appliances for Christmas . She actually already got em' and I had the pleasure of dragging the old ones downstairs and selling them on Ebay and all that garbage.
    But she's making me wait until Dec 25th to open my stuff...and I really need that Brute After Shave now! LOL

  8. THOSE are rockin awesome washer and dryer christmas presents!! The wife and I would love to get ones like that. She always wants to wash and dry 16 pairs of jeans at the same time! We don't own 16 pairs of jeans between the 2 of us but oh well.


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