It snowed (and substantially snowed) a whole month earlier than last year.

As I type this we are in the midst of our second snowstorm of the year.

Snowstorm #1 brought between 6 and 8 inches to the ground. Today we are told to expect between 4 and 6 inches.

By tomorrow morning, we should have a foot of snow!

Enjoy the photos!


  1. May I just say "better you than me"!

    We had a snow/ice storm this past Sunday night and I was getting sick to death of answering 911 and dispatching ambulances for traffic accidents and slip & falls. Of course, 'tis the nature of the beast.

    However, to add insult to injury, I had to walk home up the hill to my house as public works neglected to sand my road and it was sheer ice. I almost couldn't walk upright and thought for awhile I was going to have to crawl on my hands and knees to get home! Not exactly something I wanted to do at 2300 hours when I had to be back in at 0700 the next morning!

    I keep asking myself why I didn't become a history teacher!

  2. It NEVER snows here so I love love love seeing snow photos. Lovely!

  3. I just heard that we didn't have this much snow until February, last winter. I like the snow, but it is too early this year. Maybe this means our Spring will start March 1st.
    Wishful thinking.
    Should be a good sledding season.

  4. Blimey !

    We used to have snow in the UK.

    But we don't now, not even here up north, it just rains instead which, I believe, is what warm snow really is.

  5. Nice snow pics. I'm glad they're yours and not mine, though. We had a few flurries on Thanksgiving this year and that's way more than I need for the whole year.


  6. What a bunch of crap for tonight..."The Goof on the Roof" aka Paul Douglas said we were supposed to have 1-3 inches this afternoon and tonight. I drove home from Chaska to Shakopee from my second job about a half an hour ago...and there was absolutely nothing... I don't mind the snow...but if you tell me it's coming, it better come!!!

  7. As someone who lives in Atlanta, lemme say, "I'm so jealous."

    And not for the reason you'd think...the fun of it.

    Do you know how many days I'd get to work from home if it snowed that much here?


  8. We are getting dumped on here in Chicago too. Hate it!


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