Well, I finished up getting the Mother of Five's "Christmas Presents" installed, and running (you can see the "test towell" floping around in the dryer (unit on the right)).

The towel has some green on it, and you can see it towards the top of the porthole.

I still have a couple of things I want to "tweak" (like insulating the rest of the vent line) - but they are both operational!

Tonight starts a new round of having to be up at 1am and working 12 hour shifts... By the end of the week I'll be putty again. I hope to stay ahead of the curve - and as soon as I have this post typed - it's off to bed!


  1. Well, even though you didn't want it, I'm sure you will come to appreciate it over time!

    Good luck with that lousy shift rotation and once you solidify again, you can figure out what you're really getting the Mother of Five for Christmas!

  2. Congratulations or should I say what a wonderful Christmas gift you gave Mother of Five. Wow - very nice laundry set!

    I learned a quick lesson about our high eff. washer..... the less soap, the better.

  3. Something thats been bugging me - the pedestals - is this just an American thing ?

    I've never seen an optional pedestal for a washing machine, it wouldn't fit under a worktop with a pedestal surely ?

    Or do you all have bad knees over there ?

    Nice choice of xmas present anyway, our fridge freezer was delivered yesterday - thats her present.

    I hope I get something nicer than kitchen appliances.

  4. WOW! Now, I know I am not a MOF or a FOF, heck I am not even a MOO (hahahaha, that looks funny now that I type it, it's meant to be Mother of One) but I am J-E-A-L-O-U-S! I believe you have to have an industrial type machine for your family size but ME WANTEE! Man, those look nice! CONGRATS!


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