Christmas 2007

First of all, as many of you may have noticed - I have been absent here since before Christmas. I did not even really send out a Christmas Wish - but rest assured, you all were in my thoughts and good wishes for Christmas (or whatever Holiday you celebrate).

But, now it's almost over.

Christmas 2007 has come, and is almost finished.

We have one "event" left - Christmas at the in-laws. Originally, we were going to get together and celebrate Christmas when two of my wife's "out of town" siblings were going to be "in town". Unfortunately one of the two were able to make it, but we kept the date anyway. This will be Christmas 2007's last hurrah, and that takes place on Saturday.

Well, in the past I have mentioned some of the downfalls to working in the field I do. This last week has been the exact opposite! This week, I was able to enjoy one of the upsides to my job, and it's rotating schedule. My days off this last week were Wed, Thurs, and Friday! That means, I have had a blissful set of days off, spending time with my family, and with my children!

I have had three glorious days filled with non-stressful time playing...

American Girl Dolls with #4 and #5 of 5... (Nikki, and "Julia" (Nikki came pre-named, "Julia" came without a name, and #5 of five (3 year old) had to come up with her own name.)) Nikki and Julia came with enough accessories to keep these girls changing clothes, hats, shoes, diapers, etc for quite some time... (They have yet to stop)

Legos... LEGOS ROCK!!

Helping #3 of 5 assemble and play with the"City" (Police and Fire) sets he received - FD Hovercraft, a ladder truck, with a and pull behind rescue trailer / zodiac rescue boat, police motorcycle, fire / resuce helecopter, squad car, and "paddy wagon" (do they still call them that???)

Helping #2 of 5 assemble and play with the "Mars Mission" sets he received - Alien Mother Ship, Recon Drop Ship, MT-31 Trike, and the Alien strike

You cant forget watching #2 of 5 play his "Age of Empires III" game, all the kids play the new DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) game, the Pirates of the Caribbian Life Game, and the Rubix Revolution.

Then, there was setting up my wife's new countertop convection / toaster oven (I cant find a link), filling my new Sansa e260 with enough music to choke a horse!), and programming the new family Remote Control. (No one knows how it got under the tree, the "To / From" tag only said "Just try and loose this one")... This is still a family mystery! I wonder who could have done this?? (Grin)

These are just some of the highlights of a few of the things I spent time doing with my kids this past week.

As I reflect back on Christmas, I can see that we have much to be thankful for, and as I complain about life in general, I can see that I have no true basis to complain. I have a wonderful life. I have great children, a loving wife, a nice home, and (by no means am I wealthy) I do have the means to keep my family afloat, and even enjoy a few nice things for Christmas.

Today is my last day off, and I start back to work tomorrow morning at 3am, and start in a week full of overtime... Nothing like jumping back in with both feet forward... (Or, jumping into a wood-chipper - feet first)...


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and congrats on having a schedule that allowed you to enjoy some of it! I'm still fairly wiped out between my work schedule and trying to fit in all of the Christmas running around I did but a nice late sleep-in this morning seems to have recharged the batteries some. Which is good - because the house is a mess and someone needs to clean it up!

    Have a fantastic year and may all those you dispatch stay safe and healthy, too!

  2. I'm glad you had some time to enjoy the family. I was able to squeeze in a game of Life too.
    Happy New Year


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