An Old Callback.

Back on June 22 nd, I wrote an entry titled Catching Up #2. In Catching Up #2, I was speaking about Ben’s (1 of 5’s) culinary arts class, and how (as a final) he needed to create a three course meal, and the class set up a mock restaurant in the class room. At the end of the post I was going to post the menu, but did not remember exactly what the dishes were. I asked Ben to tell me what the dishes were, but he reply was - “Why? So you can put it in your Bloggie Thingie?” to which I affirmed. He said he was too embarrassed and refused to tell me. So I have kept asking him, and he kept smiling and saying “Yeah…. I don’t remember”. (I knew basicly what it was, but I was hoping to get the exact description and intrediant list)

Now, you see, Ben (1 of 5) does not fully comprehend the powers of being a father. He does not yet have the powers of patience, nor the suspicious nature that I have.

So, in order to help prove to you - my son - that I have powers beyond that of your wildest imagination - powers that make a Jedi’s power seem miniscule - I will not only provide the menu, I provide the menu and some additional information proving once and for all - the ulitmate power involved wih being a father!

Without further delay - May I present to you - A summary of Ben’s (1 of 5’s) culinary arts final exam!

- - - - - - - - - - -
3 Course Meal Evaluation
Culinary Arts 101

3 Courses
1. Tomato Bowl Salad - An Italian style salad served in a hallowed out tomato “bowl”
2. Antipasto Pasta - A pasta dish with pepperonis, parmesan cheese, shitake mushrooms, and olives
3. Fruit Cup - Layered whipped cream, strawberries and blackberries.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Now, the best part! Let’s see what else I discovered on my Quest!!
- - - - - - - - - - -

Number of Ingredients: Many
Score: 5/5

Skills Shown: Dressing - Pre-made from home / Whipped Cream - Cool Whip used, fresh would have been better
Score: 13/15

Organizational / Multi-tasking (followed schedule/many tasks managed at once/attention to food): Became a bit frazzled, but worked very hard. You were a great assistant too!
Score: 13/15

Kitchen Organization/Cleanliness (cleaned as worked/table organized): Tried very hard.
Score: 8/10

Plate Presentation/Garnish (appropriate choice/color/pattern/design/placement):
Course 1: Beautiful - You did it!
Course 2: Lovely and you did make it special! Color variety and height!
Course 3: Stemmed glass, layered fruit, with mint and strawberry - Lovely!
Score: 10/10

Quality of Food (taste/temperature):
All courses were wonderful - Thank you!
Score: 10/10

Time Management (started on time/used time wisely/done on time)
Yes, Yes, and Ok (took a bit longer)
Score: 9/10

Professionalism/Sanitation (lab coat/hair up and covered/concern/appropriate sanitation)
Yes, CLEF!
Score: 10/10

Overall Level of Difficulty / # of tasks:
Great choices Ben - Your attention to detail was wonderful! Will you please take Culinary 102?
Score: 5/5

Final grade: 94/100
- - - - - - - - - - -

Once again I have proven my powers as a father!

Now, you may all think what you want of me for posting his Menu, AND HIS GRADE on my “Bloggie Thingie” (even though he was too "embarrassed" to want it here - But as a proud Dad, don't I earn the right to embarrass my son / gloat / show off / share my pride once and a while, don't I ??

Ben, you really did do an unbelievable job on this meal. It was unforgetable (and that is why it is posted here - because I never forgot!) and I was very proud of you!

Any thing else you want to add Ben????


  1. Congratulations Ben... sounds like you're on your way to being a wonderful chef. Extra bonus to make your Dad's "Bloggie Thingie"!


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