FOF Observation #4

I have not had any recent "Observations" recently. For those of you that are newer visitors to my blog, I have started a series of posts called the "FOF Observations". You can find them in the drop down labels menu under Observations, or on the sidebar category called "Perpetual Posts" under "The FOF Observations". In any event, here is FOF Observation #4!

I had a couple of different ways to post this observation. Read them all, the are all "relevant".

1. Being a father of five, when you have a "horribly slow draining bathroom sink" it may behoove you to check the drain first before calling a plumber. You never know which missing toy you may find!


2. Ten years of "Hardware Store Experience" is a good foundation to successfully maintaining a household with five kids.


3. There is nothing more disgusting than the bathroom sink of a family with five kids! Especially when you have to figure out why your bathroom sink is not draining the way it should!

Take your pick. They all are observations I made while dealing with today's household crisis

The hairspray cap was the most recent "obvious" clog. It happened three or four days ago. But it did not fully explaining why the drain was flowing as slow at it was. When the hairspray cap would not come out, and I had to disassemble the drain, I discovered the bubble wand that I subsequently learned (after my wife pointed it out) it has been missing (and possibly in the drain) since early spring.

Based on the "gunk" that was entangled in the bubble wand, I would have to agree with her.



  1. That is very gross! It reminds me when we moved into our new house about a year and a half ago and the upstairs bathroom tub was draining slow, I "plunged" it only to find the same gunk that you had along with miles of dental floss! Now I don't know about you, but I DONT floss my teeth while taking a shower...but I guess anything is possible!


  2. Well, we are the original owners of this house... That means it is all our hair, soapscum, toys, and "gunk"...

    I am not sure if that is better or worse???

  3. At least the gunk didn't growl at you when it came out.
    I have my own sink to investigate. Maybe you'll see that too.

  4. What would be even more frightening, is that as you pulled on your string of gunk, I could feel the tension on my strink of gunk. A tug-o-war of sorts.

    Like somehow, somewhere, all strings of gunk are somehow interconnected with each other in the subteranian world of the sewers!

  5. Yup, been there, done that :)

    I once spent all afternoon trying to get at a u bend under a kitchen sink, demolished the cupboard to get at it, took out a couple of feet of pipe and was halfway through lifting up the floorboards to trace the pipe when I had a lightbulb moment - the blockage was actually outside the house where the pipe bent downwards to hit the drain, cleared it in two minutes, spent the rest of the afternoon reassembling the kitchen.

  6. you're one brave guy. I'm worried about the kinds of yuck hiding in my sink


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