Let's do Lunch!

Today, there will be a "powerhouse" lunch meeting!

Lisa from Many Things Do Not Fly, Don the always witty former webmaster of the now defunct http://www.offthedeepend.org/ and soon-to-be published author, and myself are getting together for Lunch!

(In a recent email, Don has mentioned the possibility of putting Off the Deep End back up. I have checked several times, and it is not... Perhaps there is a possibility to add another "blog" to "My Blogging Friends" - he is a married father, and has an unbelievable sense of humor!)

There was a "fourth" (Jenny) who could not make it, but expressed an interest in getting together again at a later date/time. Sorry Jenny, I don't have any updates, or links for you - maybe next time I'll find out more!)

This should prove to be a great time, and I really am looking forward to getting together.

Many of you know that Lisa is an old high school friend. Don (for those of you who don't know) is also an old high school friend, but from a different graduating year. I got in touch with him through the Academy of the Holy Angels Alumni Page. It was GREAT hearing back from him - and since he graduated a different year, he was not at the reunion. He would have been a great addition to my reunion experience, but this will be just as good...

No... I am sure it will be even better!

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