A "key" to happiness?

Preface: I misplace things. Often. As my closest friend Ed, my wife, and many of my co-workers can attest to, my keys are the most frequent victim of my "scatterbrain" traits. More so when I was younger - an incident of misplaced keys would trigger to an all out “melt down”. I would not rest until the keys were found. I would go into a state that almost resembled “shock”. I would stammer around, yelling, walking in circles, looking in the same places over and over and over, and ranting and raving like a lunatic. I would begin to ransack drawers, closets, cabinets and cupboards. It was not a pretty site, and honestly, quite embarrassing (as Ed and my wife can tell you from having lived through a few of these "melt-downs"...) Ed can even tell a story of how once (for strictly entertainment purposes) he hid my keys just to watch me get worked up! He sat and watched, and laughed while I went ballistic for about thirty minutes. It was not until I found my keys (in a toolbox in the bed of my pickup truck – and Ed REALLY started laughing even harder) that I suspected he may have hid them on purpose - Which was later confirmed… (Butthead!)

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This post is dedicated to the first key I ever received. My first key was the key to my parent’s front door. I was around ten, maybe twelve years old, and my parents gave it to me. It started out on a string around my neck, but quickly moved to a green plastic key chain.

Given the information in my preface, you may think that this is an empty dedication. How can I dedicate this post to a key that must have been lost so long ago? Well, see, like I said, I MISPLACE things often, but MISPLACE is not the same as LOOSE.

I bet you are asking why am I dedicating a post to this key, and why today??

Quoting one of my favorite movies -the fact that I STILL HAVE that original key is a “Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles”, and why I am dedicating this post to that key.

Last night (due to a shift switch) I crashed at my parent’s house for a quick turn around and back to work in the morning.

My father had (since my last visit) replaced the original front door to his house. Because he replaced the door, he also replaced the lockset. Replacing the lockset means a new key. A new key ended an era for me. The era of my first key.

We have been through a lot together. I have nearly lost my mind on MANY instances making sure we stayed together (that key and I), and now (having been through as much as we have together), it is with great joy, and a little bit of sadness that I have the privilege of announcing the (well deserved) retirement of my very first key, and the introduction of it’s replacement…

My first key
Circa 1980 – September 9 th, 2007.

Here’s to twenty-seven more years of MISPLACING, but not LOOSING my new key!

Postscript: Although I still misplace things quite a bit… (I am sure my comments will be filled with my co-worker’s testaments…), like a fine wine, or a good cigar… I have mellowed with age. I do not get worked up as I used to, and I can (honestly) say I can not remember my last “lost-key-meltdown”


  1. Well David,

    I'm sorry to here about the passing of your key.

    I don't know how you are going to be able to tell them apart, now that your parent's key looks just like every other house key on your ring!

    I really think you should have put a picture of the "disaster" that you call your key ring on this post so everyone can see how impossible it is to loose them!

    ...hey has anyone seen my checkbook, sun glasses, radio, pager, cell phone, car....

    Bill :)

  2. Dont forget my head...

    If it was not attached to my body, I think I would loose that too!

    I did take a pic of that which you call a "disaster", but I did not post it... Perhaps I need to reconsider so that everyone can "understand"...


  3. There you go... But the picture does not do it justice, does it Bill?

  4. The updated picture does help, but you are right, it doesn't do it justice!

    You almost need to put something in the picture to show the "scale" (you know like the old put a dollar bill next to the foot print crime scene trick) and maybe a little detail on the fact that it weighs 3 pounds, has 46 keys on it, and that it requires 2 individual key "clips" to hold the two rings together....not to mention the wieght alone is probably why you can pull the keys out 'scort with the engine running....

    ...but other than that....the post looks good!

    Bill :)

  5. Are you sure your Father wasn't sending a message by changing the lock?
    Just kidding.
    Good post.


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