First day of School 2007

Hello folks, it has been a little bit since my last post. I apologize, but the last week (prior to the first day of school) was a bit hectic. It was pretty full of things to keep me busy, and the blog is the first thing to "suffer". The week's activities culminated last night - When I went to my father in law's house, and between myself, Ben (1 of 5), Michael (brother-in-law), and Joe (my father-in-law and owner of the house in question) started hanging the ceiling in his basement that he has been finishing. I spent 11 hours hanging drywall ceilings. It was a long day.

Also, my very close friend Ed's dad is scheduled for surgery. And not just a surgery, but a very significant and dangerous surgery. He goes in this morning at 9:30 and will be in for between four and six hours. I would like to try and get together with him while he is in town, and perhaps give him diversion for the stress of his day.

Now, on to what I have been up to.

Like I said. I have been busy. But, I also have been busy enough that getting a blog entry in was not going to happen. Thankfully, it worked out well that I really had nothing to post about. So, instead, I spent my blog time reading. Bill had some really good things going on this week. Jeff has been updating his blog with more contest photos. Eric has been working on some home projects, and on his lifejournal he has had some very interesting stories from work. And, last, but certainly not least, was Lisa's flurry of posting. Not only has she been in "Jolly ol' England" on a trip, but she has also been dealing with her mother's estate. You will see (in my opinion) the beautiful tribute to her mother there too. A truly fitting monument, to a wonderful, loving and warm woman. Lisa, if your are reading this, know that your mother would be very pleased!

In addition to my bloging friends, many of my other "friends" out in the blogsphere have been writing about their kids first day of school. Many of these blokes are stay at home dads, and have their first kids just starting school for the first time. I have been enjoying reading and reliving all the concerns, worries, joy and excitement of having the first child attend school for the first time!

Where I am in my life I have had many "first days of school". I did a little bit of counting (it required me to take my socks off and use my toes too!)

Ben (1 of 5) is graduated now, and so he had two years of preschool, two years of Kindergarten (repeated it), and twelve years of school. That is a total of 16 "First days" for Ben.

Jonathan (2 of 5) is in sixth grade. He did one year of preschool, then Kindergarten, and 6 years of school. That is a total of 8 "First Days" for Jonathan.

Zachary (3 of 5) is in fifth grade. He also did one year of preschool, then Kindergarten and 5 years of school. That is a total of 7 "First days for Zachary.

Rebecca (4 of 5) is in first grade. She did 2 years of preschool, then Kindergarten, and now 1 years of school. That is a total of 4 "First days" for Rebecca.

Melissa (5 of 5) is in her first year of preschool. She is a "Littlest Angel". That is a total of 1 "First Days" for Melissa.

So, as you can see, having been through a total of 5 true "never have been to school before" first days, and a grand total of 36 first days of school when added all up. So, it's pretty "old hat" for me, and I have grown quite accustom to the ritual of getting rid of sending the kids off to school.

So, to all the "Father Bloggers" out there that I have been lurking and sometimes commenting on (Most of the ones I read are on my sidebar under "More Fathers"- I want to thank you for taking me back a bit, and giving me a chuckle for all the "first time" jitters, concerns, joys and excitement of being a dad sending their first kid off to school for the first time!

So, as today marks the first day of the school year for 2007. To your right is a photo of three of my five, along with a close neighbor Friend. (Left to Right) Rebecca (4 of 5), Zachary (3 of 5), our neighbor and friend Ryan, and then Jonathan (2 of 5).

The first day of school always brings about mixed feelings for me. You see, I do enjoy the company of my children... But.....
I also enjoy the peace and quiet of our house and neighborhood when the kids are in school too! It is an internal turmoil.

I tell the kids that as soon as they get on the bus for school on the first day, the parent's party starts! I don't think they believe me. Thank goodness.

Well, I am on my way to this year's "Parent's First Day of School" party mow the lawn!!

One other quick note: A "Blog of Note" - WWI: Experiences of an English Soilder is a pretty cool blog that the writer is posting letters "real time" as they came in and were sent out each day to and from a WWI soldier back in 1917 (90 years from the date they were sent). It is pretty cool, and if you are into history and WWI, it wil be an enjoyable read for you! (P.S. The author does not revel the fate of Harry Lamin (the soldier) -they make you wait and read all the letters.)


  1. Enjoy the school year my friend! Be proud, you have a great looking bunch of kids (minus the random neighbor kid!)! :)


  2. Dave, I think you shorted yourself on first days. By my (public school) math I count 36 "first days" so far. I did some more math and counted 37 more "first days" to go. You'll be an old pro by then!

  3. Jeff... Are you ok, or have you been drinking on Bill's new patio already?

  4. That's what I have there... 36.

  5. Yes you do . . . . NOW!

  6. How did that private schooling work for ya by the way?

  7. Pretty good.... Since my blog has WRITING in it!!!

    "Oh, no you dihent"


    That is too funny! Good point, however! I am a product of Bloomington public schools and MY blog has writing in it must ust be Jeff!

  9. Ohh! thanks Bill . . . . . I am going to retreat to a small private space on the interweb were people are nice to me now.

  10. Jeff.. Perhaps that place only exists in your own imaginaion...


    I'm off to feed four of five...

    Later guys.

  11. That's a lot of first days. And a lot of first days to come.
    Enjoy the party.


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