A little more on Paruresis and Parcopresis.

My recent admission of having to deal with Paruresis and Parcopresis created an flurry of conversation at work and home. It would seem that several of my co-workers, and a member of my wife's family (with a medical background) have told me just how bad this is for me.

Perhaps... I don't know... But, it is not anything I have any control over. It just "wont happen". I have not talked much about it here, but I left a comment over on Many Things Do Not Fly a while ago that just touches on how I feel. At the bottom of that comment, you will see some "color commentary" I made about men's restrooms.

I am not sure most women believe me when I tell them what life is like in a men's room, I have been told that I am "exaggerating"...

Well - today with the help of (and thanks to) Jerry Chicken (another "Father Bloger" that I read) and HIS POST I am now able to confirm what I have been saying for years, and felt like no one has believed me.
(If you have recently eaten, or have a weak constitution, you may not want to read it. You have been warned!)

You may think that this is an exaggerated story... Think again. Jerry is opening up his soul here, and having spent time in a men's restroom, I can confirm the accuracy of what he is saying... (Although I was not a witness to HIS "event", I have been in a men's restroom for other's "events".)

My Paruresis and Parcopresis come from a fear of being either the accidental suspect or the unwilling victim of one of these "events"...

Thanks Jerry!


  1. I know exactly what you mean with the Paruesis, except that I haven't put a name to it until now, women just don't understand the extreme pressure that us men are under every time we stand at a urinal and some idiot comes and stands in the one next to us - what sort of wierdo would do something like that ?

    So yes, its happened to me too.

  2. PS - almost forgot, there's more toilet drama here ...


  3. Hi,
    I have a psychology degree and I know exactly what you're talking about....& I'm female..go figure.

    I often think no-one really thinks about your privacy like they do for women, mainly because you're guys & are mean't to be tough. I couldn' think of anything worse then the way men's rest rooms are concerned.
    Rae (Australia)

  4. I used to clean men's bathrooms. I don't know what happens but bombs must explode, chimpanzees must inhabit the stalls, something goes on that makes these "rest" rooms a place of unimaginable horror. For women, there's the really long hairs in the sinks, but we get private stalls and relative luxury compared to you men. We pay for it with long lines, though. I suppose that hardly seems like compensation unless you've stood, anxious, trying not to do an unladylike dance while the lucky stall-users take their own sweet time.


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