Degrees of Separation from Famousness

This is my cousin Bob. Bob is a "Bigwig" music buyer for a Corporate Electronic, Computer, Music, Software, and appliance mega retail giant.

To protect the store Company (an my cousin) I wont name them, but let's just say they are one of the "Best" in the business, and I almost always find something to "Buy" when I am there!

Anyway, some time last week, one of my cousins closest and dearest friends - Nikki Sixx (bass player for 80's glam metal - and one of our all time Favorite Bands - MÖTLEY CRÜE ) was in town, and when they get together.... well, lets just say they partied pretty hard!

Well... Ok... Maybe Nikki is not one of my cousins "closest and dearest friends", but my cousin did meet, and get to hang with Nikki through his job (which I was telling the truth about). And, MÖTLEY CRÜE was one of our all time favorite bands growing up together. So, for us, this is pretty darn amazing!

I'll have to take a picture of "Oakwood" (a forest hideaway in the woods of his family's cabin that Bob, his brother Mark, and I built as "tweens".) I believe there may have been a tribute or two to MÖTLEY CRÜE up there in the woods!

Hey, Bob - since I've hit a bit of a rut in playing the Bass, perhaps you could get your new friend to help me out there! What'cha say... Can you hook your cousin up?

P.S. Hey Bob, if you can hook me up with some bass lessons, I'll overlook your lack of Heavy Metal Umlauts from your email... Heck, I wont even tell Nikki you left them out! Now, just relax and have a Löwenbräu, and get on lining up some lessons!


  1. My wife is jealous. She is a huge Crue fan.
    How in the heck do you do umlauts?

  2. I started listing to The Crüe between “Too Fast for Love“, and “Shout at the Devil“ were peaking. I saw them live on their “Theater of Pain” tour (with my cousin Bob in the photo!). The last album of theirs I acutally purchased was “Girls, Girls, Girls” - but continuted to enjoy their hits from Dr. Feelgood days.

    Somewhere around 1985-1986 my tastes changed a bit, and I went from The Crüe, to The Cure (wow, now that is a swing!) But I never completely forgot my heavy metal roots. Heck, The BoneyardThe Boneyard is one of my favorite XM Radio channels!

    As far as the umlauts go...

    They come from the power of the metal!

    (ok.. It's from Times New Roman "Special Charactors" in Microsoft Works. I inserted the special charactors, and then copied (and pasted) the new word (with the mystical and magical "Heavy Metal Umlauts" into my post.)

    Honestly, I was not sure they were going to work or not. I was only trying to give my cousin a ration of ^$@#$ because he did not use them when he sent me that picture!


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