What is it About Girls

UPDATED 06-02-07

OK, yup, I am a male, and according to Dr. John Gray, I may never truly be able to understand them. (Did anyone notice the lack of that book on my Reading List?)

Today is another Daddy/Daughter day with Melissa. I write these posts during her Curious George and Clifford hour.

While I was here blogging, and Melissa was enjoying her TV time, she spilled a little bit of water on her dress. She started crying, and called me upstairs, where I discovered the offending spill.

Now, as most of you know (and some of you may not), I pride myself on the "hobo" look. If I had the same spill on my pants, not only would I leave it there and go about my day, but depending on the audience, I may even try to make a "peed my pants" joke.. Heck, as far as I am concerned, the pants (or dress) just got a "partial wash".

But, no. Not with Melissa. Nope, she had to make a complete change of clothes. All of 'em. Dress, tee-shirt, and undies... Sheesh... Now, this would not be a big deal was it not for the fact that she is regularly changing clothes because she wants to wear something different. Last "Daddy/Daughter" day she changed clothing THREE times. (And she did not even spill anything - these were just for the helluvit).

God please help me... She is only three years old and already "fashionably indecisive" - What am I going to do when she is a teenager?

- - - - - - -

Update 06-02-07. Melissa DID change into a third outfit later in the evening, and then into her PJ's as Rebecca had her "Best friend" sleep over last night... Rebecca, her friend, and Melissa all slept out in the living room in sleeping bags. That makes a total of four clothing changes in one day... I am thinking of starting a Hobo Class for Girls!


  1. OMG - you do have an older daughter too right? WE ARE GIRLS, THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR! While I might consider her crying and having to change EVERYTHING a little over the top, it's normal behavior none the less. Heck, I just turned 30 and I generally try on 3-4 outfits before I pick something out to wear for the day. Matter of fact, I am already in my THIRD outfit of the day...

    1. woke up in PJ's
    2. took the dog for a walk and short run (because he couldn't keep up) wearing workout clothing
    3. showered and got dressed for work in my current outfit
    4. will probably throw on lounging pants and tank top when I get home tonight

    Just wait until she is in her teens and has to have umteem pairs of black shoes because just one pair won't "go" with everything. My suggestion - familiarize yourself with the accessories department, you're going to be spending some time and money there!

    N O R M A L !!!!!

  2. Dave,

    Considering I am just a few hours (as I type this) away from my first "Parenting/Child Birth" class at the hospital, I am very scared and I think I am going to ask the nurses about this!


  3. Bill... All I can (or will) say is...

    Be afraid... Be VERY afraid!


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