Catching Up #1

I have no real "new" posts...

I have been "catching up" at home getting a few things done, and so in the spirit of "catching up" I have a couple of things to "catch up" with here on the blog.

Item #1 - In "The Third Option" post, I talked a bit about the Jordan Skate Park. Since there was not much on the website about it, I thought I would get a few pics of what it looked like. Better yet, I got some pics with (two of the three) boys at the park.

I can only fit about two-thirds of the park in the picture at any one time (unless I a so far away you cannot see any of the details of the park). There is a third ramp and landing on the far right side of park (not in the picture). The Jordan Skate park (although not huge in "skate park" standards) is pretty darn nice for our small town!

Yes, that is a Jordan Police Officer on "Routine Patrol" at the park. (1st of the 3 pics) Very nice to see! Maybe I am biased (because of my job, and where I live) but the JPD are a great group of officers!

Today (if the rain holds out) Ben and Jonathan want to go back again.

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  1. Dave, the officer was actually responding to a complaint of a "strange looking male taking pictures of kids at the park". Those aren't even your kids are they?


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