FOF Observation #2

(In our house we use rubbermaid containers quite a lot to keep "groupings" of toys together. We have a play-doh container that keeps all the play-doh, forms, cutouts, and other play-doh related items... Including some recently obtained kids moddling clay)

When the kids ask if they can play with Play-doh out on the deck, be sure to make sure there is not any kids molding clay in the same container.

While play-doh dries out in the sun (into a hardned little clump that can be difficult to remove from a deck surface) - clay "melts". Clay melts into the consisitancy of chewed bubble gum or taffy that has been sitting in the sun for a good chunk of the day. It is oily, yet sticky, and softens into a gooey pliable mass that (when stepped on, or a clean up is attempted) will only smear, and stretch, and pull - like warm bubble gum or taffy.

If this happens, you will have to wait until the cool of the next morning (when the deck is also shaded) before attempting to remove the mess.

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