Stranded: Day 2

On my last journal entry, I kept referring to the little beings as "they" and "them". Since I am unable to successfully identify these little beings - I will henceforth refer to them as the "littleuns"...

Today (while on routine patrol of the "perimeter") I was able to momentarily detain one of the littleuns. It was during this period of detention that I was able to make some general observations. While she is as "cute as a bug in rug", I did noticed some unidentifiable markings on her arms and legs. These markings appear to be a form of rudimentary "tribal tattoos".

Looking closely at these "markings", I am quite sure they were "self administered" and done so hastily. I am also confident that this littleun did not have permission from whomever looks after her to have them put on, and (from the looks of the quality of the ink used) will be less than "semi-permanent". I imagine these markings will not be visible for more than a day or two.

After documenting the markings via photograph, I released this littleun back into the wild.



  1. Hey David,

    That is too funny. Just a couple weeks ago on a Saturday morning while viewing "Little Einsteins" our three year old removed his shirt and grabbed a ball point pen. While zoning out on the TV, he covered his whole body with pen - it looked something like the tattoos of a Maori warrior (but much less intimidating). He was pleased as heck with himself and the Mrs. and I just kind of shook our heads in stunned silence – we hope when he’s an adult he’ll be incarcerated in the same state that we live in. ;-)

    take care


  2. Eric, the "in state incarceration" is never acknowledged enough by our court system!

    It's a little known fact that people who are incarcerated, and do not receive enough "visits from their parents" are SIGNFICATLY more likely to be incarcerated a second or third time.

    Just hope that your local news source does not knock on your door with a live feed - camera pointed in your face - asking you how your child ended up this way, and what did you do to make this happen - all while you stammer in shock "live on the news" - while your neighbors watch in horror - shaking their heads - saying "Yup, I knew this would happen"...

    You know.. Some people have nightmares about finding themselves on a stage - giving a speech - nude...

    Not me..


    I have the "live local news asking me about how I could have raised a child that could have done _____" (fill in the blank) nightmare.


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