Catching Up #2

Also In "The Final Option" thread I talked about Ben's Culinary Arts Final, and how I would talk more about that later...

This is (was) Ben's Senior year. He as been deciding what to do with his life, and one of the options he has come up with is "Culinary Arts" (AKA Chef, Cook, Burger Flipper, or "Automatic Fry Machine Attendant").

For one of his final classes this year he took "Culinary Arts". At the class final test, they opened a restaurant, and the students were required to plan, prepare, and serve a three course "restaurant quality" meal in 40 minutes. Parents were asked to come to class to rate, review, and grade the meal.

The restaurant was set up in two shifts, and the class was split into two groups. The first shift of students cooked while the second set assisted the "chefs", hosted, bussed tables, served, and cleaned. Then, the next day the kids reversed their rolls.

On Ben's day to cook, I was the lucky (available) parent to partake.

Honestly, I was amazed at what Ben put together. It was delicious, and was the quality you would expect at a nice restaurant! The only problem was eating this meal at 8:30 am...

I was able to take the leftovers home, and the rest of the family had some for dinner.

The best part of this was there was still enough left over after everyone ate that I was able to take the last bit for lunch the next day. I'll tell you what, his selection was even better served cold the next day!!

The menu consisted of:

(Waiting to hear back from Ben. )
(He has the full description written down)
(I could say Tomato Salad, Pasta, and Fruit desert - but it would not do it justice.)

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