Not all video games....

No, not all video games are a bad influence on children...

Zachary has been hounding me for a video game for our home computer for about a year now.

At our house we have a standard that the Computer is for "Applications" and "Educational Games", and our Xbox (NOT a 360) is for "Video Games".

Yesterday, while shopping at Target with Ben (the oldest of the 5) for some new iPod headphones, I saw the game Zachary has been asking for - bundled with another - on clearance for $4.98. That was too good a deal to pass up.

Now, I know the general rule has been "video games on the Xbox" and "educational games on the PC" so... Tell me what YOU think...

Did I maintain the "standard" or did I break down violate the video game rule??

(The other game is John Deere's "American Builder Deluxe" - I'll post a screensnot later (after I get it installed)

You see, we live in a area that is still primarily considered "rural". Zachary's best friend from school is the son of a dairy farmer, and Zachary LOVES being invited, and going to the farm! He comes home smelling like cow pasture or a chicken coop, with mud - manure - and hay/grass from head to toe, tired as hell, and sporting a HUGE GRIN on his face. Almost always (upon his return) we are given the standard "warning" that we may want to wash his clothing and shoes right away! I really feel good about Zachary's attitude towards the farm, and what he sees and learns (directly and indirectly) while at the farm!

Another oddity is that Zachary is frequently telling me how he wishes he could have his friend's chores (getting up at 5am to help feed and water the livestock, and other miscellaneous farm chores.) instead of his own (which are considerably less work...). One of the first things he tells us after "sleeping over" at his friends house is that he "got to" get up early and help his friend out with his "farm chores".

Funny thing is (I have discovered after talking to this young man's mother) Zachary's friend wishes he could have Zachary's chores instead... Now, I am not naive enough to think that it would last forever. As the old saying goes "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". I am confident that Zachary would get tired of doing the farm chores after a while too...

But... Who knows... Maybe my boy will grow up to be a farmer.

That would not be at all bad in this "Father-of-Five's" eyes!


  1. I say anything that has to do with farming and the country would be exempt from all previous computer/video game rules...

  2. I LOVED growing up on the farm, I miss the farm A LOT! I think it's great to hear about Zachary and his excitement towards his friends farm. For that, a farm related video game is just what he deserves! As my favorite radio personality would say, that is a ray of hope!


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