Catching Up #3

In the "How good do you "think" you know me" thread, I asked if anyone wanted to answer the following question. "Since AHA I've_______________________________________."

My final answer was...

Since AHA, I have (happily and voluntarily) settled into a life of mediocrity, struggling to stay afloat while I undertake the responsibility of trying to nurture a family of five wonderful children (and a loving spouse) into happy and well adjusted members of society, all while striving to preserve a fragment of what is left of my own personality.

In doing so, I have desperately attempted to blend into society through an ordinary placid life of suburban living who's only motivating element is the relentless defense of one's Civil Liberties against a tyrannical __________ ____________ that wields an ever-present dominion over my small slice of suburban bliss.

In a futile attempt to cope with these stresses, I find myself in a frequent and ongoing dispute with a "second voice" that I hear in my head. It is that second voice that (if it were to be heard) threatens to unravel the protective cocoon that envelopes my life in a thin veil of normalcy that I so desperately (yet happily and voluntarily) struggle to maintain.

Don't reply with a "That's what I was going to say" line.... I dont believe you.. (grin)


  1. You need someone to talk too?

  2. Nope. Just a little "creative but truthful" blurb on my life since AHA.


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