Deck Part 10 - Progress... Slow but steady... + More!

Today, Dad came out to help me.

Together we got the other three posts up, the thrid beam, leveled everthing leveled precicsly (both on the x and the y axis) and nailed all the framing connectors to the frame.

As of tonight, EVERTHING from the Beams down is done!

When we finished that, we hauled all the 2x10's (used for joists) to the back yard, and sorted them by size.

Tomorow I will take inventory of the 2x10's measure up all the spans I need to make and start putting them in order (think tetris). Then it's back to work for me.

Tomorow is also the kids last day of school... Parents worst nightmare!

On an unrelated note, tonight I took off Rebecca's training wheels and she rode her bike "training wheel free" for the first time... She was ESTATIC! She rode back and forth on the sidewalk for about a half hour, then went on a mile bikeride while Mom went for her evening walk (they went together)... We could see her smile from down the road.. No fooling!

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