Deck Part 12 - No need for pictures...

The pictures of the deck have started becoming a bit redundant, and take forever to load. I have done some "editing" and reduced the number of pictures by about 33.3%


Progress has been ongoing.

All the joists from the house to the first beam (10' out) are in place. The north half of the deck (18' deep) has all joists in place from the house out to the end of the deck. The south half of the deck is 21' deep and because of that I have to double the joists. I have 10' joists coming off the house, and will have 12' joists from the 10' beam out to the 21' beam.

I put some decking boards up on the deck today after I finished and had my lunch on the deck today!

Because of the changes made in the plans (doubled joists around the cantilevered patio door), I was a few 2x10's short.

Tomorrow, my day will be spent returning some unneeded items back to the store, and picking up the seven 2x10's that I am short. I hope to have all the framing (remaining joists and rim joists) done by Friday when I leave for work. If I do reach my goal, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday can be used to get the decking surface on the deck.

Goal #1 - Framing complete by Friday at 1pm.
Goal #2 - Decking finished by Wednesday at 1pm.

I'll let you know how it turned out, and hope to have some updated photos by then.


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