Deck - Part 16

It is 4pm on Thursday, and I'm doing pretty well. I have all the railing posts up and leveled, I have the lower cross member and upper cross members in place, and the top cap on and leveled... Everthing you see is done.

I have the spindles to put in place (between the railing posts, attached at the upper and lower cross members.. And the steps left.... (oh, yeah... And my final inspection.)

Last night Michele and I sat out on the deck after the kids went to bed - visiting, playing the "guessing game" on what the band and the name of the song was on the XM radio's 80's station, and drinking wine coolers. It was wonderful... These are the evenings I love!

Tomorow my father-in-law is going to come over and help me with the steps. He has had a lot of prior experience with steps... So, I am not sure if I will meet my goal of everthing execpt steps finished by Saturday morning... But there still is a chance...

Other than forgetting to put on sunscreen, and again deep frying my skin to a crispy, crunchy coating, things have been going better than anticipated. (Knock on wood).


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