Deck Part 13 - No rest for the "Father of Five"

Ok, I have been working on the deck each day before going in to work. I have had very little time to eat, sleep or even poop, let alone update my blog - (which, by the way a few of my co-workers have been "gracious" enough to remind me). So, today I have an update for you.

I met goal #1, and have started on goal #2. Framework is all done! (execpt one "issue" that I will discusss a little bit later). I then started on the decking this morning. Ben came over and was a significant help! We got the first (about) 5 feet of decking screwed down. As we went further I noticed that one end of the deck was a little "off square" and that by the 18th foot of the deck, I was off by about 2". This made a difference as the decking was 20' and the unsquare end joist kept moving out a bit. Since it was starting to rain, and I was going to have to make an adjustment to that end joist, we called it quits for the day.

It was a fun family project, and all were out helping execpt Melissa and Michele... Michele was trying to get Melissa down for a nap...

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