Deck Part 9 - The Deck made of Dominoes.

The holiday weekend was very busy for me. I worked, and had some family social obligations that kept me from working on the deck.

Today (Wed), tomorrow, and Friday are my days off, and I planed on getting a lot of work done on the deck.

Today was overall pretty good. I got the 8 of the posts up and 2 of the 3 beams up. I got the long beam (spanning five posts - closest to the house), and one of the ten foot beams.

I would have been finished today (at a good cutoff point) at about 6:30 pm but when putting up the last joist (to hold the beans and posts in place for the night), I lost my grip on the board, as it fell over (2x10x20 - Very heavy) it started knocking all the other boards over like dominoes. What you see in today’s pictures all fell down except the three posts and the short beam, and one other post. It was a horrific experience and set me back another two hours… I was finally back to where I was at 6:30 around 8:30 - got stuff put away and did my beer run…

Ahhh… Michelob Golden Light…

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