Deck Part 14 - Deck Surface is Complete!

It is 4:16 pm on Tuesday and the deck surface is totally, and completely finished! I finished 23 hours ahead of my intended goal... (True, I have not stopped, and I think my skin is deep fried in my own fat... But... The deck surface is totally complete and ahead of schedule!)

Last night (with only ten boards left to finish - all the "edges" that needed to be trimmed, ripped, and tweaked in many different ways) we sat out on the deck and everyone (except Ben) had ice cream cones.

Today, after finishing my last board, and cleaning the deck to take the pictures, I sat down and had a partially frozen beer slush and a cigar!

Victory! Success!

I am taking the rest of the night off, and taking the boys to their baseball game.

It is back to work tomorrow to a busy week. I have a meeting for Ben before work on Wednesday. Thursday is a "normal day". I work 3 days of overtime (12 hour shifts) Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Father's day). Monday is another "normal" day, and Tuesday is an ERU training day which means off work at 11pm on Monday, and back to work on Tuesday by 8am (quick turnaround). I wont be getting much done on the deck in the next seven days...

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