A Journey of Faith Part 4 - Finding a Home Again

I have (for quite some time now) wanted to document my personal journey of faith.  How I became who I am today in an attempt to try and understand my faith.  I started by doing just that.  I sat down, and wrote out my personal journey of faith.

I know people choose to “evangelize” by sharing their journey.  That is not my mission.  I am not writing these posts to convert.  I am not writing these posts to persuade.  I am not writing these posts to influence.  I AM writing these posts (first and foremost) for myself. 

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By this time in my life, my core beliefs and values were all pretty much set, and I was comfortable with my “faith”.

I met the Mother of Five while in college. She and I share a similar family and religious background. During the three years we were dating, The Mother of Five had moved to Mankato for school while I finished my education here in the Twin Cities. Once I completed my degree and “Skills Training”, I rented my own apartment and moved to Mankato to be closer to her (“my own” as in we did not live together). While there we attended two different parishes –St. Peter & Paul and St. Joseph the Worker. During this time the feeling of familiarity, recognition and connection I once felt started weaning.

We moved back to the metro area, and shortly thereafter married at St. Peter’s in Richfield. This was meaningful because it was her family (and my grandmother’s) parish. We moved into our first apartment together and joined St. John Neumann in Eagan.  St. John Neumann was the only parish that I really did not care much for.  There was no particular reason for me not liking it – I think I finally gave up trying to feel as connected to my parish as I did growing up.

Accross the street!

After our first year of marriage, we bought our first house.  It was located in Richfield, Minnesota.  Richfield has three Catholic Churches in the city limits…  There was St. Peter (where we were married), Assumption, and St. Richard’s (that we lived (literally) across the street from).  The three churches also combined their schools into one. 

#1 of 5 (now 23 years old) was enrolled into Blessed Trinity and also went to school across the street (his grade level was located in the St. Richard’s campus). Despite the proximity of St. Richards we still attended St. Peter’s (3 miles away).  I considered it my “home” parish.  St. Richards was our “we are running late” or “convenience” church.

Having the connection we did with St. Peter’s (my grandma’s parish, my in-law’s parish, having been married there, and having a child enrolled in the school) the feeling of being “connected” with my parish started returning.

Coming soon:  A Journey of Faith Part 5 –Troubled Waters

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  1. Hey I also have felt this feeling of wanting to belong to a Church to feel like it's apart of my family. I feel like I never got that feeling back when "They" closed down St. Kevins. We attend St. Pius now and I am really trying like Volunteering and attending mass with the majority of John's family but it's not St. Kevins. I can't wait to see what else you have to say on this subject.


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