I Need Two of Me

Last night was a prime example of one of the more challenging aspects of parenting a “larger” family.  Between three of the five children, we had one activity, four “parent meetings”, and one meeting of my own to attend.  To make it even more tricky, most of these events were clustered into two (simultaneous) groupings. 

The events included, #5 of 5’s dance class, #2 of 5’s High School Registration for next school year, #2 of 5’s drivers ed parent meeting, #2 of 5’s impending school sponsored trip to Washington DC parent meeting, #2 and #3 of 5’s monthly Boy Scout Troop parent meeting, and finally a union meeting at work for me.

We took the “tag team” approach.  While the Mother of Five ran #2 of 5 to High School Registration, I took #5 of 5 to dance.  Thankfully, one of her friends parents was able to take her back home for us, so I was able to get her unpacked, ballet slippers on, and settled into class before I rushed out to meet the Mother of Five and #2 of 5 for the driver’s ed parent meeting.

Once the drivers ed meeting was complete I had fifteen minutes spare time before the start of the Washington DC trip parent meeting.  Of course those fifteen minutes were used to rush home for the paperwork I had neglected to bring along.  I was only a few minutes late meeting the Mother of Five and #2 of 5 at DC trip meeting.

Since the DC trip is a “single event” (and contained some fairly important information) we decided it was best if we both attended. I agreed.  This caused us to miss the first half the monthly Boy Scout Troop parent meeting meeting.  I make almost every one of those, so I did not feel too bad missing half of this one.  As soon as the DC trip meeting adjourned I rushed down the hall (thankfully they were held in the same facility) and joined in the Boy Scout Troop parent meeting (already in progress).

By the time I had gotten home from the DC Trip / Boy Scout meetings, the union meeting had already started.  Adding the time it would take me to get to work, I suspect that the meeting would have already concluded, so I chose to forgo trying to attend that.

In the end, I managed to attend four of the six events I needed to (or should have) attended.  That’s 67%.  Hmmm.. I think that would be a D- on a report card (if not an F).  Thankfully, between the Mother of Five and I (together and separately) we were able to pull off an A attend (at least part of) all six events.

I’ve been told there will come a day and a time that I will miss all this…  I have to wonder about that.


  1. Nah, we would get you an Inclusion Teacher to work you through the missing things and that would surely pull yer average over the "hump".

    70, here we come!

    Good job busy FoF

  2. Your kids are so blessed. You and MOF are AMAZING!!! I'll pray for the entire state with a new driver on the way.

  3. My friend has a funny way to think of this... after I had my third child, he said, "Now you have to play zone instead of man to man."

    Love that.

  4. You must have some extra day light savings time saved up somewhere.

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