Don’t Stop Believin’ (but please stop calling)

Having engaged in a bit of Facebook “cacophony” with my buddy AtHomeDaddy recently, I was reminded of a short little story I had planned on sharing, but had forgotten all about…

Now that #2 of 5 is a full fledged “high schooler” he is attending more school activities and functions – like last month’s “Frosty Fun Days Dance”.

The night of the dance the Mother of Five had to work, and I had to be up at 2am for a 4am shift assignment.  Needless to say I was in a hurry to drop #2 of 5 off at the dance and rush home to head off to bed.  When going to bed that early, it’s often hard to (initially) fall asleep, so I was both grateful and thankful that this evening.  Sleep did find me, and least until…

>>RING<<  >>RING<<  The sound of my cell phone. 

I could not turn off the phones because I needed to be available “just in case of an emergency”, and so when I looked at my cell phone (displaying #2 of 5’s name) – I got a little worried.  My “Hello?” was answered with the unmistakable sounds of a loud party or dance.  Loud music, loud voices, but no voice back.  I gave another “Hello”, this time a little louder.  Still nothing.  One last “HELLO?!?!?” that was met with nothing more that the ambient background noise of a teenage dance, and it was “third strike, yer out”.  Dang pocket dials.  I deal with them ALL DAY LONG at work…

What?  My cell phone dialed 911?  How did that happen???

I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.  Just as I was reaching that point where I could feel myself falling asleep…

>>RING<<  >>RING<<  The sound of my cell phone…  Again. 

Again, it was #2 of 5’s name on the caller I.D.  Fearing he could not hear me the first time and still needed to get in touch with me, I jumped up and grabbed the phone.  My three attempts to say hello were all followed with northing more than the sounds of the dance going on.  By this time I can almost feel the sleepiness bidding me a fond farewell.  An extended shift on 2 or 3 hours of sleep is not a lot of fun (believe me!).  I attempt to roll over and go back to sleep.

Just as sleepiness and I started getting reacquainted (about thirty minutes later) my cell phone rings again, and again it’s #2 of 5’s number on the I.D.  This time, I only give him one ”Hello”, with no answer when the idea struck me.

I decided to use this opportunity like any good sneaky Dad would do!

I decided to listen in and see what sort of “juice” I could pick up.  Who knows what knowledge I could obtain?!?!  I placed my cell phone on my ear as I laid my head back on the pillow, and proceeded to try and obtain any useful tidbits.

Do you know what I heard??

As I listened, I realized I was listening to nearly two hundred teenagers singing screaming along as the D.J. spun the 1980’s hit “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” by Journey.

Ugh….  Gag me with a spoon!

As the song finished (and before the DJ spun another cheezy mega wonder hit from one of the many nauseating 1980’s  stadium rock bands) I hung up. 

I hung up, but with a smile on my face, remember all the roller skating, and school and youth group dances I attended listening to that same song.  I hope #2 of 5 is having as much fun as I did when I was his age.


  1. Nice work-in there, bud.

    I would have given him "The Final Countdown" when he got home.

  2. haha, I can't believe people actually say "my phone dailed 911? How did that happen?" lol

  3. I guess that's better than " . . . David Melin? . . . this is the Scott County Sheriff's office . . . "


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