Washington DC or Bust!

Bonus surprise at the bottom of this post!

I have not yet mentioned much about this, but today is the day #2 of 5 headed out on a whirlwind adventure!
Last year #2 of 5 came home from school with a packet of information about an upcoming school sponsored “WorldStrides” (Educational Student Travel) trip that his Social Studies teacher was hosting. 
Before I go much further, let me explain something.  Keeping #2 of 5 focused on anything that does not have a “Xbox 360” label on it (or anything video game related for that matter) is difficult at best.  “Social Studies” (more specifically, American History) has been the one school subject that seems to have piqued (and maintained) a modicum of his interest and attention (while maintaining an “acceptable” grade without having to torture him to do so).
The trip that he wanted to talk to us about… Washington DC.

That seemed natural enough, given his interest in all things “American History”.  We carefully weighed the options (and cost), ultimately deciding to enroll him in the trip.  That was a year ago.  A lot has passed since we made that decision.  It almost drifted out of our thoughts, but not long after the bill was paid, the emails and notes home started showing up, and the trip that almost drifted out of our thoughts began to approach reality. 

Then came the parent meeting (previously mentioned in the I need Two of Me post), which changed our focus from “reality-mode” to “scramble to get ready-mode”.  Digging out the luggage, packing, stocking up on supplies, cash for his trip, spare Cellular phone charger, new camera, etc, etc, etc.  This all went on during an unusually busy work-week for me.  Things got a little hectic – but (in the end) I think he was all ready to go. 
Honestly, I think I was more worked up about his being ready that he was.
So, at 0230 hours this morning, our alarm clock rang and (despite my numerous offers to get up and take him so she could sleep in) the Mother of Five braved the world of 3am to get him delivered to the chaperones and coach bus waiting to whisk him off to his impending adventure.  (Honestly, I think she WANTED to take him herself…)

I had a confirmation text message (only after sending him one first) confirming that they arrived (safely) in Milwaukee, and another one (also only after my sending him one first) confirming his (safe) arrival in Washington DC.

From there, the kids have a BUSY schedule planned….  Below is a list of the things they are going to be seeing.
Day 1 to include - Library of Congress (as a photo stop), the Supreme Court (as a photo stop), the U.S. Capitol Visitor’s Center, the National Archives, the Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, and Kennedy Center,
Day 2 to include - the Embassy Row, the National Zoo, the National Cathedral, Ford’s Theater, Arlington National Cemetery (with special stops at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Space Shuttle Challenger Memorial, and the Kennedy Gravesites), and the September 11th Memorial.
Day 3 to includeMount Vernon, the Union Station, the Holocaust Museum, theAlbert Einstein Memorial, and the evening spent at the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Women’s Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Iwo Jima Marine War Memorial, and finally the World War II Memorial.
Day 4 to include – The White House (as a photo stop), the Air and Space Museum, the Museum of American History, and one final stop at the Natural History Museumbefore heading back to the airport, and back home.
In addition to the historic landmarks listed above – they will have a couple of different dining experiences.  In addition to a couple of food court stops, and hotel breakfasts, they will be dining at the Air and Space Café, an Old Country Buffet, a Sizzling Express, and a Vie De France,
As you can see, it is going to be a whirlwind four days.  I expect him to come home very tired, and a little bit more knowledgeable about U.S. History (after all, I better get SOMETHING for the $$ I shelled out, right?). 

Here is “bonus” as promised…

The best part of all of this (for me) is that since I cannot be there to experience this trip myself (first hand) – I have “persuaded” (and I am using that term loosely) #2 of 5 to write a “Guest Blogger” post (or two) about his trip here on The Life of a Father of Five!!

I’m so very excited!!


  1. That sounds absolutely amazing!

    My oldest son served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Washington DS South Mission - not in the District itself, but mostly in Virginia. As it came to a close my children pitched in together to get me tickets to fly out to meet him. We spent 2 weeks visiting his mission with a few quick trips to Washington DC - a dream I never expected to realize. It was amazing. I could easily spend several weeks there.

    I hope 2 of 5 has a wonderful trip. I look forward to his guest posts!!

    God bless America!

  2. David,
    you know what you have done now?
    Yes, created a need for him to go back to DC!
    It would be a great family trip (not inexpensive . . . but . . .)
    We will have to talk about his adventures when we next work the same shift.


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