Five is my favorite number.  It has been as far back as I can remember.

There is the “obvious” reason (ahem… father of FIVE), but that’s not (originally) why five was my favorite number.  Five became my favorite number somewhere around the age of seven or eight (long before I knew I would be the father of a basketball team).  You see, that’s about the age I started learning my “multiplication tables”.  Zeros, Ones and Twos were (understandably) very easy.  Threes and Fours were a little more challenging.  Then came Fives.  Fives were (for me) easy-breezy-lemon-peezy, and so because of that, “five” became my favorite number of all!

Had I known then, what the significance of my “favorite number” would have on the title of this blog, perhaps I would have chosen something slightly different… Something like “one” or maybe even “zero”…
Yeah, yeah… I’m just kiddin’ with you all.  I would not trade one of them for anything!
(Well, at least I don’t think I would, but who knows.  Make me an offer…  Ya never know!)
Today’s post is not about how many kids I have, or about my favorite elementary school multiplication table number, or how much I would take in exchange for one of the kids - No, today’s post is about celebrating an achievement, a milestone, a landmark.  It’s about a dedication and commitment to something.

The Life of a Father of Five is FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY!!

Yes, five years ago my little spot on the web started with THIS POST describing why I wanted to start blogging.   (By the way, I still read “Many Things”… and that song still makes me tear up...)
Five years, 654 posts, and over 33,350 web hits later – and here I am, still plugging away.

After five years I can say that coming up with fresh (and interesting) topics can get a little “challenging” at times.  I still find maintaining “The Life of a Father of Five” a therapeutic outlet.  Although the “frequency” of new material is not what it once was, I have no means of giving it up.  Together, we have been through a lot over these past five years…  I’ve shared a lot about myself, had a few laughs, shed a couple of tears, and learned a lot from others - all while making (and even meeting) some really great people along the way.  Some, I am quite proud to call “friend”.  It has been an interesting journey indeed.

In honor of this fifth anniversary, I have done a couple of things. 

First, I gave the site a facelift.  If you read this post through a feed reader, be sure to click through and take a peek at the new and (in my opinion) improved look!! 

Secondly, I have two pending guest posts.  #2 of 5, and #4 of 5 are GUEST POSTING sometime in the very new future.  (I’m very excited about this)

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the folks that keep me doing this.  First and foremost, my beautiful, lovely, and wonderful wife – The Mother of Five.  Without her I am not sure where I would be today, and I certainly would not have the rest of the crazy “cast and crew”.  She also is very patient with me when it comes to working on this site.  Sometimes (when I get on a roll) I may (or may not) “zone out” from the chaos around me.  I’m not sayin’ I do, I’m only saying it “may” happen from time time.  Right honey?? 

Then, there is  #1 of 5, #2 of 5, #3 of 5, #4 of 5, and #5 of 5.  This group of hooligans is what keep me motivated day in and day out – motivated to (try to) be the best man, the best father, the best role model I can be. (Although, being that person will often make them mad at me – but, then I know I am doing my job correctly, right?)

Last, but certainly not least is YOU.  As I stated earlier – through this site I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know many new people – all so very interesting - from various locations around the US, and even around the globe.  Sometimes it’s a “rogue” visitor.  Often it’s a regular visitor.  Regardless, many have come, some have stuck around, some have moved on, some have never returned – but all have been appreciated for their perspective, input, and for helping to keep me motivated.

Here is my gift to you all.  As a means of thanks for being loyal readers, and for being there for me through the laughs and the tears, the ups and the downs, the good times and the bad times - on this fifth anniversary of “The Life of a Father of Five” I’m going to take you back in time.  I am going to walk with you hand in had through the collection of the “headers” that have adorned the top of “The Life of a Father of Five” over the past five years…  Some were prototypes, some were trials, some stuck around for a short time, and others were there so long even I grew board of them.  I’ll do my best to keep them in order, but I suspect there may be one or two quite a few that “slightly” out of sequence and a few that are not here.   

Thank you all for having been there for and with me over the past five years.  I look forward to the next five years of laughter, tears, and friendship!
I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on your 5 year milestone. Looking forward to following the next 5 years. I am often amazed by the ability of the internet to make friends out of total strangers... you are one of my best examples of that.

  2. Thanks Jeff!

    I could not agree more! It's so nice to find "like minded fellows". I often feel like I am a dying breed. You too are one of the examples I referred to in the post! Thank you!

  3. David,
    to quote you:
    " . . . Five years, 654 posts, and over 33,350 web hits later – and here I am, still plugging away."
    You are most welcome for the THOUSANDS of hits for "Feline Constipation" and the like.
    As always,
    A helper!

  4. YAY!! Way to go FOF!

  5. I was thinking about the fives multiplication tables being your favorite... mine, too, for similar reasons. Math was not my strong subject, and I remember the fives being a relief. I was also partial to nines... thanks to a little secret I picked up along the way. I am always amazed to find others do not know this trick...

    9 X anything 1-10 can be easily calculated on the fingers: Hold up 10 fingers, drop the numbered finger (from the left) of the number you are multiplying, count the fingers left and right and that's your answer. For example, 9 X 7 = 6 fingers left, 3 fingers right, answer 63, etc.

    Ever heard that one?

  6. Whoo Hoo!!!! So happy for you man, five years is a huge accomplishment. Keep up the good work buddy.

    Btw, 5 is my favorite number as well!!!

  7. David,
    Since "5" is your favorite number, I will expect "Five dollar foot-long" for lunch on Wednesday. No pickles please.


  8. It has been a joy to get to know you and the gang through your blog posts and Facebook. I cherish knowing that are fathers and families like you and yours.


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