FOF Observation #17

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Reminder… Not all Crayola Makers are of the “washable” variety. 


This was after fifteen minutes of scrubbing with hand soap, dawn dishwashing liquid, and 409 (you can even see the bottle in the background).


I think I have a daughter with blue and red hands (at least for the next couple of days)!


(And, for the record – her hands were so “saturated” with color – everything she touched was smeared with color.  Her face, the carpet, the refrigerator, the bathroom sink, her clothing….


Funny thing – the color came off that stuff without any problem!!






  1. With a smile like that, who cares what color her hands are?
    Let us know how long til the color wears off so I can be prepared.

  2. DS - Yea, I had a hard time not laughing... Once I started telling her it was not coming off for a while - she was on the verge of tears - I had to laugh it up to get her to smile like that.

  3. She's all set to audition for The Smurfs.

  4. David,
    Please don't blame your daughter for your actions. I TOLD you not to print her using your "Junior Detective Fingerprint Science Kit".
    Why do you think the MN Science Museum had them on clearance?
    Poor child. Someone should report her Dad to CPS!


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