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We here in the fine state of Minnesota have our Major League Baseball team - the Minnesota Twins and our National Football League team – The Minnesota Vikings.  The Twins and the Vikings have been playing together in the Hubert H. Humphry Metrodome for the past thirty years.  (The Metrodome replaced the old Minnesota Metropolitan Stadium in the early 80’s.)

Climbing up on my soapbox

In the past ten years or so, us Minnesotans have been told that we NEEDED a new (baseball specific) Stadium in order to support the needs of the Minnesota Twins. 

I am not sure about the accuracy of this information, but I have been told that the Metrodome was initially built as a football stadium.  The ability to convert the stadium into a baseball field was only added as an afterthought.  Because it was never really intended for Baseball, watching a baseball game in it was next to impossible, and it was the Metrodome (and not the Twins poor reputation) that was to blame for so many seats going unsold during regular season games. 

After years of threats that the Twins were going to move or be sold, along with numerous failed attempts at funding, the “pro-stadium people” finally got what they have wanted for years - a new "outdoor" stadium - which has been under construction for the past couple of years.

This spring, the shiny, brand spanking new Target Field opened to the public.

Since the original passage of the legislative bill, our economy has tanked, and it makes me sick to see how much funding went to build this new stadium.   I am also shocked by how many of the people I know... People who claim to be “fiscally conservative” (and who just happen to be Twins Fans) simply shrug it off.  Heaven forbid the government raise taxes for something as ridiculous as schools, or health care for people who have none.  Stadium funding... now that's a different story!  Raise my taxes, and gimme my new stadium!

Climbing down off my soapbox

Now that I have that off my chest… 

Despite my lackluster enthusiasm for most things sports, my family does enjoy sports in Minnesota.  Not only does my family enjoy Minnesota sports, my brother in law “B” is a HUGE Minnesota Twins Fan. 

Ever since he moved out of state, “B” and his family have made it back once during the summer to catch a Twins game.  With this year, being the Twins first season in the new Target Field, made it even more attractive for “B” and family to make the trip.

Plans were made, and tickets were bought (many thanks to my Father-in-law who refused to accept reimbursement for our tickets).  The day arrived, and we headed out to Target Field.

Eating a few of my own words

Ok.  Like ripping a band aid off… I’m just going to get this out of the way. 

Target Field was a Beautiful Ballpark!  It is shiny, and new, and exciting!  There was a lot of “buzz” both in and around the stadium.  The kids were all excited (which makes it all that much more worthwhile).  I can unequivocally say that I am actually GLAD I went!  I even had a good time!

So, for the sake of my friends and family who have not been to the ballpark yet – please enjoy the photos I took from our day at the Minnesota Twins Target Field.   

 IMG_0007_640x480 IMG_0009_640x480

Left:  View down third base line from our seats

Right: View down the first base line seating

IMG_0011_640x480 IMG_0022_640x480

Left:  View of the pitchers mound, and batters box

Right:  The Mother of Five with #5 of 5 (who is afraid of heights and did not like our seats)

IMG_0015_640x480 IMG_0017_640x480

Left:  #2 of 5

Right:  Brother in law “B”

IMG_0018_640x480 IMG_0024_640x480

Left:  Another view of the outfield, and the view of the Minneapolis Skyline

Right:  I was surprised to see as many empty seats as I did.  This photo was 10 minutes before game time.

IMG_0021_640x480  IMG_0023_640x480 

Left:  #4 of 5 showing off her Twins Spirit

Right:  Budweiser Patio – far end of third base line – No, I am not paying $7.50 for a beer… I don’t care HOW thirsty I am!

IMG_0025_640x480 IMG_0027_640x480

Left:  Cousin “M” talking to his brother Cousin “C”

Right:  The “Jumbo-tron” – It did an amazing job even in direct sunlight!  Impressive!

IMG_0036_640x480 IMG_0040_640x480

Left:  Cousin “M”

Right:  Cousin “M”

IMG_0042_640x480  IMG_0050_640x480

Left:  The Twins sign in the outfield.  Pauly and Minnie (I think that is their names)

Right:  No, that is not AtHomeDaddy and his “Hat” – That is Brother in law “M”


Left:  The Twins Logo

Right:  #5 of 5 with her death grip on her seat – hanging on for dear life….  Fearful of the heights.

IMG_0053_640x480 IMG_0014_640x480IMG_0071_640x480  

Left:  Turned to snap a photo – and missed a great play – but catching #4 of 5’s reaction was worth it!

Center:  Another photo of the sign in the outfield… Pauly and Minnie (?) again.

Right:  Brother in law “B” and his son Cousin “M”.

IMG_0058_640x480 IMG_0059_640x480

Left:  Yours truly (The Father of Five) along with #4 of 5.

Right:  Another gratuitous shot of yours truly (The Father of Five) with Brother in law “M”, #1 of 5 on the left and #4 of 5 on the right of the photo.

IMG_0065_640x480   IMG_0072_640x480

Left:  #4 of 5 and cousin “M”

Right:  The Mother of Five, my five, and Cousin “M”. 

(Left to right…  #2 of 5 (dark blue), The Mother of Five (pink), #4 of 5 (baby blue), #5 of 5 (hot pink), #1 of 5 (beige), Cousin “M” (Twins jacket) and #3 of 5 (black hoodie with white image on it)


#4 of 5 sitting next to Cousin “M” and #5 of 5 still gripping her chair in the foreground.


And one last shot of yours truly (The Father of Five) – taken specifically for Facebook… I wanted to see how many of the people I have been arguing with over the stadium issue would notice… The two primary debaters DID indeed notice!

- - - - -

The stadium is not without it’s flaws…  (It’s an outdoor stadium and I can not have a cigar while I watch the game… What gives with that?!?!?!)  But that is not for this post. 


I am going to let my friends (the friends that supported the building of this new stadium dispute my very persuasive arguments) enjoy their victory.  It IS a victory because I can not avoid confirming that fact that the stadium is indeed nice.  It’s VERY nice.  I truly had a good time at the game – heck WE ALL had a good time at the game.  It was a great family outing, and I am certain that we will be back again.


  1. #5 might bust open her piggy bank to pay for the seat upgrade for those nice club seats waaaaaaay down there on that lower level :)

    Haven't been to major league park in years. Spent a lot of time at our nearby AAA park. Love an evening at the ballpark!

  2. Ah, I can't wait till my boys are old enough to sit through a baseball game, or at least enough of one to make it worth the 2 hours it took to get there...

  3. David,
    OUTDOOR BASEBALL! There. I said it too. Why are you all wearing jackets and sweatshirts in the photos? So, do you think if we offer a few people part-time jobs without benefits, we too, can receive millions of tax dollars to run our business? Let's not give up yet, we can start using the slogan "Outdoor Toilets" or something of this nature.

  4. You have no idea how envious I am of your trip! I have beautiful Coors Field here (really is absolutely a great stadium to sit in and watch a game - and stare at the mountains) . . . but I've been there exactly 5 times in 14 years.

    I can remember vividly the day that my Dad took me and my brother to Met Stadium for a game. He saved and saved and saved so he could buy those 3 tickets and have enough left over for some hot dogs and pop. It was a beautiful day that I will never forget.

    Baseball just isn't bseball if it's not outside.


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