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The last time I was up for an award was the 2008 BestofBlogs Award.  It was a “self nominated” category (where anyone was allowed to nominate their own, and / or other blogs) – and, along with FOF, I nominated several other great blogs! 

In the end, I can in at a “mediocre” fifth place (out of ten) right smack dab in the middle.  Two of the blogs I nominated came in above me (fourth place – AtHomeDaddy, and third place – DadStuff and right below me in sixth place too - The King of Clubs) It was great just to have my blog out there, and to have so many of my nominations do as well as they did!

I have no idea how or when“The Life of a Father of Five” was brought to their attention (it was not me that did it this time), but I recently discovered that my blog is listed on Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect website as one of the 2010 Parent Picks Award for Best Parenting Blog!! 

(Taken from their website….)

parents choice award

Best Parenting Blog

We know you love Dooce, Amalah and about six million other awesome blogs. But which of these up-and-comers make you laugh, cry and LOVE being a parent?


This time, FOF is up against fifty other blogs… 


Out of the fifty, I am one of only three “Dad blogs” listed.  I have to admit, as much as I question WHY my little blog got nominated (after all, there are so many other well deserving – maybe even MORE deserving blogs than mine), I am quite proud that it did! 

If you are so inclined – click on through – and show your support for “The Life of a Father of Five”.  I would be ever-so-grateful. 

The catch?  Oh, yeah – there is a catch.  It’s a Nickelodeon sponsored contest, and to vote, you have to register for a (free) Nickelodeon Parents Connect account.  My guess… The contest is a marketing push of some sort…  A way to get their “Parents Connect” website out to the masses.  (Of course there HAS to be a catch, right?)

You provide your name, email address and some basic info – and register – you can opt out of all the email newsletters if you wish – and then “confirm” your account (via an email sent with a link to “confirm”).  Once that is done, you are eligible to “nominate” (vote) for “The Life of a Father of Five” as Nickelodeon’s Parent Pick as Best Parenting Blog of 2010!

In honor of Nickelodeon’s contest – I plan on finishing an incomplete post I have with a “Nickelodeon theme”! 

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  1. Yay! Congrats- it's a great list and much more fun than self nominating, huh? :)


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