Another "Father of Five"

So, as I checked through my sitemeter today - I noticed someone hit on "The Life of a Father of Five" by searching "" on Google.  Being the curious kind of guy I am, I typed in the .org address, and landed on another "Father of Five's" page.  It appears that I am not the only "Father of Five" on the blogsphere (not that I actually thought I was the ONLY one).only this "Father of Five" (and his family) are in some desperate need of thoughts, prayers, wishes (and more).
Looking at the photos of his family - it scares me to think that any one of us (even THIS father of five) could be in the same horrible scenario.   
While it's odd to see my own online persona being used on another blog, given the circumstances behind the start up of this new "Father of Five" on the web - I'm happy to share the title with him.  I am adding both his .org blog and his family's update blog to my feed reader, and will be watching his status closely.  
THIS "Father of Five's" thoughts and prayers will be with THAT "Father of Five" and his family for a full and speedy recovery.
I am asking you to please consider doing the same. 


  1. I'm thinking about going with

  2. I'm the best friend of the "other father of five's" sister. I can't tell you how moved I am that you would take the time to help us in our cause. And I must say ... we are truly living in a small world! Thank you for your kind words and sentiment.

  3. As luck would have it, I live just minutes from this family. I sent off and email to offer to help out.

    Thanks for passing this on. You are truly a good person.


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