…and I do not mean cleaning our house…

Earlier today I discovered Blogger has started a new product (in Beta) called “Pages”.  It’s one of the features that other blogging providers have offered that I wanted to see here in Blogger.

I quickly added the feature (as you can see right below my header…)  I removed “The Cast and Crew” from the sidebar and I added separate and special pages for “Father of Five”, “Mother of Five”, “#1 of 5”, “#2 of 5”, “#3 of 5”, “#4 of 5”, “#5 of 5”, and “Blogroll”.

For now, each of the pages has the info that was previously listed in the sidebar.  Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on dedicating some time to a special page for each of us…  Maybe a photo and my observations of  what makes that member of the family unique in their own special way!

I also removed the link to my blogroll from my sidebar and gave it a permanent page.  When I copied the info over, it was obvious to me that my blogroll was very outdated and is also in need of some updating. 

As I complete each of the pages, I will be sure to sent out an update to let you know.  In the mean time, I’ll be doing some other miscellaneous “housekeeping” here…  (Mostly in the sidebar)


  1. Another blogger mentioned the Pages feature but I just haven't had time to check it out yet. Looking good over here, though!

  2. Going to be working on this..

    Thanks for the heads up


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