Changed Plans

Saturday was supposed to be a day of ice fishing goodness.

Our local Boy Scout District (Rolling Hills District), sponsors an annual ice fishing derby.  In previous years, we have attended (LINK), and after managing to get the day off of work, I planned on attending.

When I brought it up to the boys, #2 of 5 told me he was not interested in going.  I’m not going to say I wasn’t a little disappointed, but he is 14 years old now, and starting to show signs of independence, and individualism. 

Yet another reminder to those of you who have children younger than mine…  Enjoy the time you have with them – it does not last forever.  You blink, and the next thing you know they are walking around with earphone in, listening to music you have never heard of, and looking at you like you were an alien from another planet when you ask them if they want to do something with you.

Anyway, after #2 of 5 told me he was not interested in sitting out in the cold, on an upside down five-gallon pail, trying to catch fish through an eight inch hole in two feet thick lake ice, his brother #3 of 5 told me that HE was STILL interested in going.  Not only was #3 of 5 interested in going, #4 of 5 (my 9 year old daughter) piped in and said she would like to go in #2 of 5’s place!

Hmmm… I lost one, kept a second, and added a third.  Two minus one, plus one.  I was still going with two of my brood.  That’s what a blackjack player would call a “push” – and I can live with that!

I also got the “Father of the Father of five” interested in going!

But then, we got the news…

Last fall #2 of 5 expressed interest in applying for a position with the Boy Scouts.  He was interested in becoming a summer camp “Councilor in Training” (or CIT for short).  The word got to us that his application was accepted, and that he was scheduled for an interview!  This would be his very first “interview”.  What a wonderful experience. 

The bad news was that his interview was DURING the fishing derby… 

So, like any good Father of Five would do, I pouted to myself, put on my happy face and took #2 of 5 to his very first interview!

Actually, it was not half bad.  In fact, it was a lot of fun.  It was a chance for me to spend some one-on-one time with him (which is getting harder and harder to do, and opportunities are getting fewer and further between).  Plus, once we finished the interview, we stopped at Chili’s for lunch, and shot the breeze for a good hour.  Nothing special – just hanging out and visiting.

From what I was able to ascertain, the interview went pretty well.  We will hear back in about a month weather or not he gets chosen.


  1. Hmmm, summer camp counselor. How many boyhood fantasies THAT would have put to rest... :) Of course, this is for "Boy Scouts" so I guess that's kinda a moot point. Very sad (for him and us).

    On topic, I've already seen that. MLI would rather hang around the house playing Wii rather than going to Home Depot or the pet store for banal shopping, but MLI is still up to the task. So I try to make it worth his while.
    Best of luck to #2.

  2. Did the Father of The Father of Five take #3 & #4 of 5 ice fishing?
    Glad you had a good lunch.

  3. My 14YO has become one of those teen zombies too.

    He would complain about us not spending time with him, but now he wants to spend more time with his friends. This weekend we're planning on spending time with him, but his schedule is filling up quickly.

    At least I have a good 10 years before the next one hits 14.

    Hope the CIT works out.

  4. I spent most of my best teen and young adult summers working as a camp counselor.

    But don't let that make you kill the boy's dream. :)

  5. Ice fishing . . . STILL envious ;-) Wishing #2 of 5 luck!

  6. Teenage kids scare the piss out of me. I never want mine to become one of them.


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