My heart skipped a beat this morning

My very good friend Lisa (from Many Things Do Not Fly) has been away on vacation.  Because of some complicated circumstances of that vacation, I have been following her Facebook updates closely, and commenting regularly. 
Then, this morning, I heard the news of the earthquake (and tsunami warnings) in Chile.  I did some quick news searches on line and saw that the epicenter was "WAY TO CLOSE" (apx 200 miles) to where she was staying (and aftershocks that were significantly closer)... Immediately, my mind started flashing to images of Haiti, and other recent natural disasters.
I (without hesitation) called her husband (who I awoke from sleep) hoping to hear good news - and thankfully, I did! 
Lisa is safe, and unhurt.  They had been able to communicate via text messaging. 
I do feel a little bad for calling him so early this morning - I had not considered the possibility that he was up, and communicating (or trying to communicate) with Lisa.  For that I feel pretty bad, but yet I am (very) thankful that he did take my call...
Please keep Lisa in your thoughts and prayers - for both success in her attempts to locate passage home, and her safety during that ordeal.
Once she is safe and sound back in the US, I will be eager to see / read / and hear her first hand stories of this tragedy - but again, I won't worry about that until she is safely back home. 


  1. I can fully understand your worry and hope that your friend returns home safe very soon.

  2. Our concerns for the people we know and relief when we find out they are all right put a personal feel on these disasters. These are real people going through all this crud. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and I am sure He knows what He is doing, but it is pretty tough from this earthly angle.

  3. I'm so glad she's okay. Things have become so crazy!


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